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On-demand Webinar

Real-time Dynamic Service Assurance for Hybrid NFV Networks

CSP networks are undergoing a transition from legacy physical components to a new, virtualized infrastructure. During this transition, there will be a lengthy period during which a complex hybrid of physical and virtualized networks will co-exist. This hybrid network environment demands speed and agility in the provisioning and deployment of new services in both the virtualized and traditional environments.

In this webinar, learn how CSPs plan to address NFV challenges and the key success factors required for a real-time and dynamic service assurance solution for NFV, and how Infovista’s VistaInsight can help maximize the value of the hybrid networks, and enhance service agility.

  • What service assurance capabilities do CSPs value the most?
  • What are the real-time techniques for data acquisition and analysis?
  • How can telemetry services and orchestration support real-time analytics?
  • Which Open APIs ensure interoperability for a successful transition to virtualized networks?
  • How can service assurance accelerate VNF onboarding?
  • What's the role of dynamic service modelling in accurate orchestration?