On-demand Webinar

The ABC’s of APIs: SDN+NFV - Driven Evolution of Performance Assurance Architectures

Communications services’ digital revolution is quickly running out of letters in the alphabet for clever acronyms. How should the industry ratify the best path forward when it comes to developing the right architecture to take today’s cash-flow generating legacy networks and transform them into tomorrow’s utopian ‘as-a-service’ network-nirvana.

SDN, NFV, LSO, ONAP, ONOS, and the one acronym that seemingly rules them all – the API.

We’ll hone in on one of the critical pillars of this digital revolution – assurance – and provide a much-needed perspective of where the industry is today, where its headed and what’s required to get there including the much-discussed API. Plus, you’ll learn from the award-winning multi-vendor proof of concept for multi-operator networking-as-a-service featuring LSO concepts within the context of SDN and NFV.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is LSO, and how open source and SDOs are collaborating to support this industry evolution
  • Top 5 drivers for performance assurance in next-generation digital networks
  • The role of APIs and how to navigate the dangers and the benefits of software-defined-everything
  • Details of an award-winning industry collaboration for networking-as-a-service and its implications for performance assurance