It’s Time to Adopt Carrier Ethernet Service OAM Standards!

SLAs are driving the selection of today’s Carrier Ethernet services and CSPs are rushing to deliver on those SLAs, including customer portals with full performance visibility.

Customers are demanding more of this transparency on their service, their SLAs and their performance but not everyone is measuring things the same way, and that slows down the delivery of customer reporting, makes integrating different CPEs more time-consuming and hinders multi-operator services.

In this video, Christopher Cullan, director of product marketing, business services solutions at Infovista highlights the gap between best practice standards, adoption and awareness and outlines some of the benefits of adopting MEF standards for performance monitoring in support of service level management and customer reporting, based on his panel session at the recent GEN15 with Comcast, TWC and Juniper.

Case Study: It's Time to Adopt Carrier Ethernet Service OAM Standards