Next Gen Subscriber-Aware Mobile Network Management 

Some network performance problems are more relevant than others. But… which ones?

It is the daily job of mobile operators to quickly detect and diagnose network outages and degradations that can affect subscriber quality of experience (QoE). Mobile networks are big and complex, though, multiple performance problems may occur simultaneously and service quality and operations teams often need to decide which problems to solve first.

This raises a critical question: where to look first? Where will problem troubleshooting efforts have the biggest impact on QoE and customer loyalty?

In Part 1 of this video series, we will explain why the methods and tools that mobile operators commonly use today to define network troubleshooting priorities do not necessarily result in better subscriber QoE. We then discuss what mobile operators actually need to do to set network troubleshooting priorities to focus and retain valuable VIP subscribers.

Next Gen Subscriber-Aware Mobile Network Management Part I