Solution Brief

Xhaul and C-RAN Service Assurance Solution

Supporting Mobile Network Operators to maximize the performance of their Fronthaul and C-RAN investments to support high bandwidth, low latency digital services

The radio access network (RAN) is evolving to become more centralized and, ultimately cloudified. The new C-RAN will help increase network coverage, capacity and efficiency. C-RAN introduces new network nodes - the RRH (Radio Resource Head) and the BBU (Base Band Unit); a new fronthaul network; and new protocols, CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface), OBSAI (Open Base Station Architecture Initiative) and eCPRI (enhanced CPRI).

With the introduction of fronthaul, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need to manage its performance in conjunction with the backhaul network (MPLS /Carrier Ethernet), and the entire transport network must be treated as an end-to-end, integrated whole.

Infovista’s Xhaul and C-RAN Service Assurance solution assures performance of multi-technology backhaul and fronthaul (Xhaul) as an integrated transport network. It assures high quality of connectivity, mobility and integrity over the associated C-RAN network to support forthcoming high-bandwidth, dynamic, digital services.