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Infovista KLERITY™: the most advanced carrier cloud-native customer experience assurance application

Modern, virtualized and disaggregated networking architectures, and the diversification of the surrounding ecosystem, are creating more fluid and dynamic service delivery capabilities for operators. But efficiently detecting and effectively resolving defects and failures across networks, services, devices and applications is increasingly challenging. 

Traditional probe-based monitoring and assurance solutions offer limited dynamicity and visibility into these new software-centric architectures. For operators, this means increased likelihood of undetected failures, customer churn and trust erosion in the ecosystem. 

NOC/SOC teams need customer experience assurance that evolves continually alongside virtualized networking. It must provide ubiquitous visibility, on demand, anywhere in their network, providing incrementally greater cost-efficiency as workloads increase. A new approach is needed. 

Meet KLERITY™, a fully containerized library of cloud-native functions and applications to leverage them. Bringing transparency to networks, services, devices, and applications, it empowers operations, performance and quality teams to quickly identify service-impacting issues and their true root cause. 

Download the KLERITY™ brochure to learn about its many benefits, including: 

  • Automation, reducing manual intervention, time and effort, errors and delays 
  • Reduced time-to-market for new services by removing assurance activation bottlenecks 
  • Improved customer experience and reduced churn 
  • Reduce operational costs by consolidating tools