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Customer experience assurance for 5G network slicing

Infovista KLERITY™

Mobile networking technologies have undergone significant change in recent years, with the adoption of 5G Standalone (5GSA) coinciding with the effort to establish new revenue streams from newly unlocked service categories that rely on guaranteed latency, speed and connection density to create value for a broad range of industry verticals. But managing these new services and underlying networks that enable them has become a much more dynamic, complex undertaking.

We are introducing Infovista’s cloud-native customer experience assurance products and solutions: Experience assurance that is native to 5G network slicing. One of them being KLERITY™ which has been built from the ground up as a solution framework with a fully containerized library of cloud-native functions and applications that leverage them. It brings transparency to networks, services, devices and applications. KLERITY™ automates manually intensive tasks to simplify, accelerate and improve the cost-efficiency of network and service operations:

  • Site testing workflow
  • Assurance activation
  • Data enrichment
  • Root-cause analysis

By utilizing KLERITY™ not only will operators be able to access new opportunities, which are powered by the most advanced cloud-native technologies, but just as crucially important - maintain continuous, consistent visibility of the customer experience even for sessions handover across multiple access technologies.