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Case Study

Ooredoo Tunisia: Infovista's Performance Insight Reduces OPEX and CAPEX of State-of-the-art IP Backhaul Network

Service Performance Assurance for IP-based Network and Application Services | Case Study

Ooredoo Tunisia, formerly known as Tunisiana was the first private telecoms provider to operate in Tunisia. Learn why Ooredoo Tunisia has selected Infovista to:

  • Accurately prioritize capital investments and reduce OPEX with better visibility into actual infrastructure and services utilization
  • Control CAPEX by proactively enabling the validation of equipment vendor requirements
  • Proactively validate that third-party providers and equipment vendors are meeting SLAs
  • Accelerate the time-to-market of the new NGN IP-based transport infrastructure

VistaInsight for Networks is a unique platform that gives us the perfect balance between flexibility and openness. This allows us to develop any kind of indicator and report critical for assuring the rightsizing and troubleshooting all NGN services running in our network.