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Ativa™ Experience

How does predictive subscriber and device analytics and troubleshooting for public and private networks help operators and enterprises deliver and monetize differentiated customer experiences? 

Infovista Ativa™ Experience provides network operators, service providers and enterprises with valuable insights into customer behavior across markets, segments and individual subscribers. Part of the Ativa suite for Automated Assurance and Operations, Ativa™ Experience monitors and predicts perceived customer experience KPIs such as mean opinion score (MOS) per service and service category, and automates the prioritization and execution of troubleshooting and resolution. 

Ativa Experience enables operators and enterprises to: 

  • Visualize perceived quality of experience with smart algorithms for MOS and other quality of experience (QoE) KPIs 
  • Prevent and resolve issues with automated network root cause analysis (RCA) enabled by AI/ML 
  • Empower self-service operations with tailored dashboards enabled by multi-tenancy 
  • Optimize quality of experience by enabling the prioritization of NOC/SOC tasks based on impact on services and customers 
  • Monetize regional trends with geospatial visualization and customer trend analytics

To find out more about Infovista Ativa Experience, please download the datasheet