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Ativa™ Business Services Solution

How can operators drive the next generation of business services with automated service assurance? 

Current network and service monitoring solutions limit operators’ ability to visualize and proactively manage their operations with a focus on the customer, resulting in poor customer experience, high OPEX, the reliance on multiple ‘silo’ assurance systems and an inability to respond quickly to changes in network usage and performance. 

Through the Business Services Solution, Infovista Ativa™ enables network operators to get the analytical insights needed to effectively manage physical and virtual networks. It also supports closed-loop optimization capabilities for automated RCA and fault resolution. The solution package improves network visibility with real-time cross-domain data collection, analytics and reporting. Supports fast deployable multi- technology, -vendor and -tenancy at scale. 

Key features of the solution package include: 

  • Tiered business service dashboards and reports 
  • Individual dashboards to support specific customer requirements outside of the standard product offering 
  • Interactive dashboards for real-time analytics 
  • Real-time analytics, including usage and performance trends/patterns of network and services 
  • Real-time alert on SLA breach, service outages and performances degradation 

Download the datasheet for more information on the Ativa Business Services Solution.