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Ativa™ Automated Assurance & Operations explained

Are you held back by sight and assurance tools that make it impossible to effectively manage your advanced 5G and fixed networks, resulting in poor customer experience, high OPEX and delayed response time to changes in network usage and performance?

In this video we introduce Infovista Ativa™ – a new suite of cloud-native Automated Assurance and Operations applications that provides a 360-degree view across all digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure. 

Ativa suite allows you to:

  • Correlate experience, service quality and resource performance for end-to-end assurance through a single pane of glass
  • Make outcome-based decisions through focused solutions that rapidly leverage existing network capabilities 
  • Deploy 360° Assurance solutions that enable you to reduce time-to-market, improve customer experiences, monetize SLAs and create rapid time-to-value

Watch this explainer video to find out more about what Automated Assurance & Operations powered by Ativa could do for your network and the capabilities of our 360° Assurance solutions.


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