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Ativa™ 5G Core Monitoring Solution

How can operators quickly leverage advanced 5G network capabilities? 

Current network and service monitoring solutions limit operators’ ability to visualize and proactively manage their operations with a focus on the customer. This can result in poor customer experience, high OPEX, the reliance on multiple ‘silo’ assurance systems and an inability to respond quickly to changes in network usage and performance. 

Through the 5G Core Monitoring Solution, Infovista Ativa™ enables network operators to intuitively visualize and troubleshoot quality of experience (QoE), service quality and network performance in 5G core networks. The solution package improves network reliability, reduces time-to-resolve, enhances network slice service level agreement (SLA) performance, and improves QoE. 

The solution package includes pre-configured dashboards, KPIs and analytics / troubleshooting capabilities specific to 5G core networks, including: 

  • 5G service dashboards showing 5G network and service KPIs that can be filtered by device types, network element types, locations, operation types and others 
  • 5G alarm dashboards that provide real-time awareness of network alarms, and prioritizes these based on customer impact, with guided workflows for further investigation and troubleshooting 
  • Interactive reports that enable faster isolation of problem areas or focus areas, by filtering dashboard views from any combination of factors, such as device types, subscriber types, response times, procedure types 
  • End to end tracing tools, providing a single solution for analyzing multi-service and multi-protocol 5G network environments from a single pane of glass 

Download the datasheet for more information on the Ativa 5G Core Monitoring Solution.