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On-demand Webinar

Assuring Intelligence for the Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Edge

While SD-WAN networks offer speed and flexibility application awareness, with dynamic route selection, better speeds, and higher application quality, service providers still rely on MPLS underlay networks for security and reliability.

An intelligent service assurance system that correlates the SD-WAN overlay and MPLS underlay performance is vital to a functioning network. It offers performance monitoring and faster troubleshooting by gathering network intelligence and enabling efficient network operation on a single pane of glass.
A multi-vendor service assurance system also helps in honoring SLAs for each service and site, simplifying management and reducing the complexities of a hybrid SD-WAN environment.

This webinar by Infovista and SDxCentral will highlight:

  • The complications involved in managing a multi-vendor SD-WAN network    
  • How those complications can be resolved with an intelligent service assurance system    
  • Choosing the right service assurance system for multi-vendor SD-WAN networks
  • The essential analytic elements of a quality service assurance system