Solution Brief

Next-Generation Subscriber-Centric Network Performance Management 

Service quality and network operations teams work hard to make sure they rapidly detect network quality problems and correct flaws before they affect customers in a significant way. However, mobile networks are becoming bigger and more complex, and problems often occur simultaneously. In these cases, how do mobile network operators (MNOs) set troubleshooting priorities?

The answer is less than trivial. In particular, if MNOs want to focus on providing their most valuable VIP subscribers with the best quality of service, traditional service assurance practices, based on pure network KPIs, are no longer sufficient. Instead, they now need to:

  • Monitor the quality of experience (QoE) of selected high-value subscribers, 24/7;
  • Identify problems that are really impacting VIP customers and prioritize troubleshooting accordingly;
  • Diagnose performance problems, even in the most complex, convergent, cross-domain scenarios.

However, how can these be achieved? How do MNOs provide VIP subscribers with a truly delightful experience? We invite you to find some answers in this solution brief.