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Optimize your FWA network experience and maximize profitability

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FWA now accounts for over 90% of fixed broadband net additions in the US. In 2023, it generated $29.5 billion in revenue for mobile operators globally and is projected to exceed $67 billion in the next four years.

Undoubtedly, 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is rapidly expanding worldwide, presenting clear revenue opportunities. But which are the steps that CSPs need to take to harness them with maximum profit?

The first one is understanding the context.

Preview of eBook - Optimize your FWA network experience and maximize profitability

In this eBook, join our business leaders and technology experts to explore the FWA potential for both fixed and mobile CSPs, including:

  • The FWA market opportunity
  • Challenges in FWA monetization
  • Planning and scaling FWA profitably
  • Deploying and optimizing your FWA network
  • Assuring FWA networks, services, and experiences
  • The role of automation in optimizing FWA profitability

Additionally, learn from a case study of how a national provider achieved 1000%+ ROI by using accurate 3D mapping in their FWA planning.