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Accurate RAN planning saves billions

Mobile Experts report

Accurate mobile network planning can reduce a nationwide operator’s CAPEX by $2 billion over 10 years, according to the latest industry research conducted by respected independent analyst Joe Madden, founder and lead analyst at Mobile Experts.

RAN planning tools have evolved into RAN optimization solutions that use a continuous cycle to deliver maximum return on the CAPEX invested. RAN Planning has also become instrumental to improving quality of experience, which minimizes churn. AI/ML-based, data-driven prediction engines are becoming the de-facto standard to deliver the accuracy required and ensure the optimal network design is arrived at.

Preview image of Accurate RAN Planning saves billions report

The report, Accurate RAN Planning Saves Billions, calculates the impact of accuracy in sophisticated 3D modeling to predict the RSRP (reference signal received power) at each 5G-NR base station or small cell location. Mobile Experts’ modeling shows how, in a nationwide network, overall improvement in spectral efficiency can generate the equivalent of a 24% increase of capacity.

Analysis of Mobile Experts’ financial modeling and investigation into available planning solutions identifies a short list of ‘must-have’ capabilities to ensure effective 5G RAN planning:

  • Accuracy: including AI/ML-based prediction engines
  • Efficiency: including efficient workflows and faster computational cycles
  • Data-driven: leveraging multiple input data sources including crowdsourced, social media, drive test, geolocated call trace and performance management data 
  • Integrated: Integration of network planning into network lifecycle automation (NLA) processes such as testing, assurance and operations can significantly reduce operational costs
  • Cloud-native: to enable new capabilities such as nationwide predictions at any resolution and faster computation times

Download the report to understand the material impact accuracy in RAN planning and design optimization can have on capacity performance and CAPEX.