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On-demand Webinar

Monetizing 5G

How automation through the network lifecycle reduces operating costs and accelerates time-to-market of new services

Over the last 5 years, network ROI and monetization have been below expectations for the majority of operators, with only 14% believing they have leveraged their investment fully.

So, with the business-critical challenges facing operators in their 5G network deployments almost universal, is there now a consensus on where the solution lies?

In this webinar, Emanuel Kolta, GSMA Intelligence joins Franco Messori, Infovista, in discussing:

  • Operator pain points and their challenges in deploying 5G and increasing ROI
  • Why 5G requires a new approach that reduces network operating costs and time-to-market of new services
  • Operator consensus that automation across different teams and functions in their organization is a key priority in removing old siloes
  • How operators are looking to automate across and within network lifecycle phases with a new, systematic approach to realizing multi-phase and multi-silo automation use cases

Watch this webinar to explore the latest use cases that are today enabling operators around the world to take full advantage of the new 5G monetization opportunities and how network lifecycle automation (NLA) is enabling CSPs to monetize their 5G investments.