Network Lifecycle Automation: An overview

As MNOs, 5G presents you with a seemingly unsolvable conundrum: how to focus on deploying and investing in the future – network slicing, ultra-low latency, industry 4.0 – while continually improving operations for 4G, the technology on which your customers still depend. 

That’s where automation can help. By automating manual tasks associated with daily 3G and 4G operations, you can focus on deploying the future, faster. 

This concise brochure outlines what you can expect from automating the network lifecycle with the help of Infovista. 

Brocure preview

Learn what automation means for the planning, deployment and operation phases of your network: 

  • View a variety of use cases 
  • Read about the efficiency savings you could make 
  • See the top-5 business benefits of network lifecycle automation