• Overcome network configuration complexities with a multi-vendor RAN Configuration Audit Solution
  • Ensure consistent network configuration settings across different network nodes
  • Extract more value from available configuration data


Product at a Glance

As technology evolves and network complexity increases, mobile network operators (MNOs) must balance management of legacy and new systems to ensure that both are optimized to benefit end users. For MNOs with multi-vendor equipment environments, proper RAN configuration settings become more critical, especially in areas where the network relies on inter-system handover between different technology or network elements, and intra-frequency handovers such as across multi-vendor equipment within the same frequency band. Effective monitoring and maintenance of RAN configuration data that is responsible for network health is key to managing and optimizing mobile network service quality.

At its core, Xeda has the ability to automatically align configuration data regardless of vendor and technological preferences within the network. It also enables engineering and operations departments to swiftly extract the value of correlated and audited data on a single platform and understand network environments better. Automatic checks for inconsistencies and corrective actions initiated by the tool prevents degradation of QoS that are caused by errors in mobile network configuration settings from daily operational and periodic network expansion activities.

Xeda is designed for a seamless integration with newer modules and applications. This includes the ability to synchronize live network configuration settings with InfoVista’s network planning solution, Planet, for network planning accuracy and efficiency. With such flexibility, performance and scalability, Xeda is well-positioned to support optimization and operations departments to extract more value from available data in-house. This allows for rapid response to changing market demands as network providers and operators confront evolving operational challenges.

Key Features

Automated Parsing and Tracking

Xeda can be scheduled to retrieve vendor switch dump files from the OSS and parse them automatically. The optimization engineers can view the latest network information via the Xeda portal, which leaves them with more time to concentrate on their most important job.

Instant Reporting and Export

Xeda provides all inconsistency reports for all nodes as Excel worksheets, which are downloadable from the Web portal. Parameters of each node, BSC, RNC or MSC can also be downloaded in Excel format for further action and use by the optimization team.

Automated Rule-Based Consistency Checking

Xeda ensures that there are no inconsistent parameters such as neighbor, frequency and other parameter settings in the network. Exception reports are immediately generated on any inconsistencies and can be viewed either through Xeda web portal or exported.

Centralized Access

With its intuitive Web-based interface, Xeda allows users to access key information on network parameter settings and inconsistencies, regardless of their location.

Control your Parameter Settings

With the Master Database feature, reference or ideal parameter values can be set for the network entities. If any parameters are detected out of range of these values, Xeda will automatically alert optimization engineers to either accept or reject these values.

Use Cases

Network Health Check

Xeda quickly identifies and visualizes the areas in your network that are most problematic on a day-to-day basis. Automated network parameter consistency checks are carried out daily, as well as consistency checks between internal and external vendor parameters. Providing engineers with a complete network view regardless of technology or vendor, enables a rounded view of problem areas, even if the area is being served by multiple vendors.

Network Parameter and Configuration Audit

Xeda automatically collects and processes network configurations that impact handovers and traffic flow daily. These configurations are continuously checked within and between the RAN and Core network regardless of technology and vendor types. Based on the results, audit reports are generated for further actions. On top of this, updates to the planned network in Cell Planning databases are supported to ensure the integrity of the planning process.

Optimization Analytics and Fault Detection

Xeda acts as a data warehouse for multi-data sources regardless of your vendors and technology. Using proprietary software, Xeda correlates low KPIs to any faults detected from the many data sources integrated into its database, including Performance Management and Fault Management. Issues are raised to your network engineers, who can then take appropriate action quickly.

Live Planning

Xeda is able to automatically or manually synchronize live network configuration and parameter information into Planet, InfoVista’s RF planning solution, ensuring maximum integrity and efficiency for the network design and planning activities. Plan accurate macro or small cells deployment through predictions based on the latest configuration information in the live network.