• Reduce Subscriber Churn through Radio Newtork Experience Optimization


Product at a Glance

In a competitive environment where customer retention is key, mobile operators’ knowledge of subscribers’ experience and geolocation over time and space is mandatory in order to meet subscribers’ network quality expectations. A RAN optimization solution that provides such holistic, call traces-based insights for an entire radio access network, 24/7 and across multiple technologies and vendors, makes it possible to deliver the optimal subscriber experience.

VistaNEO, InfoVista’s solution for holistic mobile radio access network optimization, collects millions of subscriber-centric events from call trace data across the mobile network, and correlates it with RAN configuration management (RAN CM) and quality data, turning it into geo-located actionable insights that RAN engineers can leverage to focus on RAN optimization and troubleshooting activities that can truly make a difference.


Powerful and scalable, VistaNEO allows RAN engineers to drill down and carry out in-depth RAN analysis, troubleshooting and optimization of actual, geo-located subscriber call records to better understand how the radio access newtork impacts the subscriber experience, and to solve problems before they truly a­ffect subscribers's experience. Automatic connectivity with InfoVista’s other network planning and optimization solutions allows for VistaNEO’s powerful subscriber and network insights to fuel other critical parts of the network lifecycle, such as delivering precise network wide optimization and expansion.

Key Features

Location Intelligence

Powerful geolocation and visualization capabilities using geo-location algorithms based on RF-fingerprinting allow mobile operators to understand high traffic locations and optimize problem areas based on highly-accurate subscriber and event location information. Users can create coverage plots, display abnormal event locations and isolate RAN-related problems, reducing drive testing dependencies.

RAN Troubleshooting and Optimization

There is no longer the need to go through tedious and labor-intensive analysis processes in order to detect the cause of poor cell performance or low network quality of service (QoS). VistaNEO’s built-in algorithm traces Layer 3 messages to get to the root of the problem, such as pilot pollution, overshooting cells and missing neighbors, and applies integrated, in-depth RAN optimization and analyses that enable faster and more efficient workflows.

RAN Configuration Management and Optimization

Seamlessly handles multi-vendor and multi-technology situations, and improves RAN optimization practices by managing and maintaining consistent network parameters settings. VistaNEO's RAN configuration mamagement and optimization capabilites automatically identifies and resolves radio acces etwork con­figuration inconsistencies and errors early, and takes corrective actions to prevent QoS degradation caused by errors in mobile network parameters settings from daily operational and periodic network expansion activities.

Subscriber Insight

VistaNEO includes a quick view of individual or group subscriber experience trends, including call-outs for subscribers with the most issues through Worst Performing Subscriber charts, among numerous other customer-focused insights. From these charts, RAN engineers can drill-down to detailed call analysis, in order to quickly determine which subscribers are being affected by recurring network issues in a particular geographical area.

Network Insights

Understand, analyze and optimize RAN performance across all the different technologies and vendors, and quickly resolve problematic areas with consistent parameter settings and in-depth statistical KPIs. Smooth, drill-down analysis from high-level dashboards to detailed reports reduces RAN optimization and troubleshooting time by providing the right diagnostics, which allows targeted troubleshooting in order to improve overall network QoS.

Phone Model Insight

Taking in 24/7 customer phone experience data, VistaNEO allows users to understand and utilize the insight of the impact of different mobile devices performance on subscriber’s experience. Users can view relevant information within the Phone Model performance and trend report, as well as the functionality to further breakdown the exact Phone Model that is causing poor KPI performance.

Use Cases

RAN Troubleshooting and Optimization

Rapid drill-down analysis and the right diagnostics with geo-located information, from the highest level to detailed troubleshooting, helps reduce OPEX by decreasing the time required for engineers to identify problematic areas and issues in the radio access network.

Subscriber Analytics

By correlating and aggregating millions of subscriber centric data 24/7 across the entire network, provides high granularity and a clearer understanding of the mobile subscriber experience, allowing for mitigating subscriber quality degradation before subscribers complain.

RAN Configuration Audit.

Daily operational and periodic network expansion activities can cause inconsistencies and errors in the RAN configuration settings, which decreases network QoS. VistaNEO manages and maintain consistent network configuration parameters across different vendors and technologies by automatically checking for any parameter configuration inconsistencies, and provides corrective actions to prevent degradation of network QoS.

Complementing Drive-test activities

With VistaNEO’s geo-location capabilities, RAN engineers can look toward complementing drive testing activities based on simulated calls made at the ground level with an approach that uses geo-located, live call data. Beyond identifying problem areas geographically, RAN engineers now have a better way to understand key problems in the network by taking a statistical approach based on all calls in the network.

Radio Network Planning and Expansion

Fuel other critical part of network lifecycle by leveraging VistaNEO’s powerful subscriber and network insight to deliver precise network wide optimization and improvements. With automatic synchronization with Planet, InfoVista’s advance radio network planning solution, planning engineers can combine real-world measurements with advanced predictions for accurate mobile network planning and expansion.