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Infovista News | October 2023 | Mobile Network Testing

Welcome to TEMS Newsletter

First to support Apple iPhone 15 series

In this edition we dig into some case studies of how mobile operators and system integrators are using TEMS solutions to ensure their network testing is match-fit for the challenges of 5G. We also look inside the mobile operator organization to see how different teams are using next-gen network testing to streamline and how they work.  

Read on to learn about the latest developments in network testing and explore the new capabilities in the latest releases of our TEMS products – including our first-to-market support for the new Apple iPhone 15 Series!

Happy reading and get in touch if you have any questions. 

Régis Lerbour, VP Product, RAN Engineering & Testing Infovista

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Technology insights

Preview of OTT telephony application testing whitepaper

OTT telephony application testing

See how Infovista’s generic OTT telephony application testing approach was validated to be a representative benchmark for native OTT telephony app testing. 

Abstract image with automation and gear icons in the focus and office environment in the background

How to accelerate 5G rollout with automated site verification

Learn how a global system integrator automated 5G site verification to scale globally, accelerate customer 5G rollouts and save 50% on testing costs. 

TEMS Paragon case and phone rack being installed in TEMS drive test van for benchmarking project

The world’s largest 5G network benchmarking project

Find out how this US operator proved the consolidated entity met regulator-specified 5G network build-out and performance commitments after a merger. 

New product releases

Are you up to date with our latest releases for our TEMS products? For a detailed overview of the new versions released over the past few weeks and to explore all their new features, get in contact with us today.

Drive test with TEMS Investigation

TEMS™ Investigation and TEMS™ Paragon

New capabilities added in TEMS Investigation 25.2 and TEMS Paragon 7.2 include support for the latest iPhone 15 series and Sony Xperia 1 V device. 5G standalone and Private Network testing have also been significantly enhanced. The online map view has been made more flexible to support any OGC standards-based tile server. Dedicated handset capability monitors have been improved to include advanced 5G carrier-specific information.


TEMS Investigation 25.2    TEMS Paragon 7.2

In-building site verification in arena

TEMS™ Pocket

TEMS Pocket 25.2 adds support for Google Pixel 7 series and Sony Xperia 1 Mark V. Nokia XR20 has been integrated to enable Private Network testing. sQLEAR-based voice quality testing has been extended to the generic OTT (gOTT) framework. 5G data throughput and modulation KPIs have been made more granular with an option to increase reporting intervals.

Woman in office looking at TEMS Discovery reports

TEMS™ Discovery

TEMS Discovery 25.2 introduces additional message view filters to simplify layer 3 analysis. TEMS Discovery Enterprise thick client has been enhanced to support logfile delete option. Automatic sector color assignment has been improved to avoid sector color collisions. The map view has been strengthened to support Baidu maps.

Explore the network lifecycle

How BT is reducing resolution times by 80% through automated troubleshooting

While this is a newsletter focused on TEMS and network testing, at Infovista we understand that all stages of the network lifecycle: planning, deploying, assuring and monetizing are critical for the success of a network. With that in mind, we close each newsletter with something that is not testing-focused. This month we hope you enjoy watching a 'fireside chat’ with BT around introduction of a new automated troubleshooting use case. Using our automated assurance solution, Ativa™, it can reduce troubleshooting processes by up to 80%, significantly streamlining CSPs’ operations.

Infovista at Network X

Elevate your customer experience

On 24-26 October, the major players from across Fixed Networks, Mobile Networks and Telco software came together in Paris to share insights and best practices into how together we can build networks that enable you to elevate your customer experience and create positive business impact.

TEMS experts at Network X discussed how to simplify, streamline and scale 4G and 5G network testing, and how to:

  • Gain insights into how centralized orchestration, automation, and analytics save costs to network testing projects 
  • Discover the transformative impact of on-device tester guidance and automated 5G site acceptance 
  • Understand how AI/ML-trained voice quality testing ensures top-tier VoNR, VoLTE, and OTT voice services 
Meet the Infovista team at Network X 2023

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In this edition we focus on the evolution of 5G network testing and our latest product releases including - TEMS Cloud, our solution to centralize orchestration, monitoring, analytics and reporting.

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