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Infovista News | July 2023 | Mobile Network Testing

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5G site verification and voice quality testing

We have a bumper newsletter for you this time, full of content to help you understand how 5G networks are evolving and how your network testing needs to evolve to keep pace. From the RCR Wireless News report on testing in cloud-native disaggregated networks, to our latest whitepaper on OTT testing, this newsletter is packed full of insights covering 5G site verification, voice quality testing and lots more.

We also introduce the new capabilities in the latest releases of our TEMS products which we recently announced.

Happy reading and get in touch if you have any questions.

Régis Lerbour, VP Product, RAN Engineering & Testing Infovista

TEMS Suite - Woman holding TEMS Pocket with TEMS Cloud application on laptop

Technology insights

Preview, report - The evolution of testing in cloud-native networks

The evolution of testing in cloud-native disaggregated network

RCR Wireless News report on the evolution of testing in cloud-native, disaggregated networks and why automation and centralization of 5G testing is key.

Preview of The evolution of test and measurement to disaggregated cloud-native 5G networks webinar

The evolution of test and measurement to disaggregated cloud-native 5G networks

Kelly Hill, Managing Editor, RCR Wireless News, together with Régis Lerbour, VP Product Network Testing & RAN at Infovista, explore how mobile operators can increase the efficiency of network testing in the 5G era.

Preview of Managing a new RF environment webinar

Managing a new RF environment

Watch a recording of our session at the Test and Measurement Forum to learn how operators can leverage automation, AI/ML and Cloud to deploy and operate their 5G network and how active testing and service assurance fit it.

Preview - OTT telephony application testing whitepaper

OTT telephony application testing

Explore the generic OTT telephony application concept, its codec/client adaptation and settings, and recommended KPIs to be used for testing.

Preview - Evolving network testing Ebook

Evolving network testing: an ebook of 12 use cases

Find out how network testing is combining with orchestration and analytics to automate next-generation network testing processes.

New product releases

Are you up to date with our latest releases for our TEMS products? For a detailed overview of the new versions released over the past few weeks and to explore all their new features, get in contact with us today.

TEMS Paragon case and devices installed in a car

TEMS™ Investigation and TEMS™ Paragon

New capabilities added in TEMS Investigation 25.1 and TEMS Paragon 7.1 include enhanced PCTEL scanner-based 5G mobile blind scanning and granular PCI detection. Apple iPhone testing has been strengthened to support HTTPS browse testing along with IP recording. Additional device control functions have been introduced for VoNR testing. The TEMS Investigation installer has been significantly improved to support both complete and flexible uninstallation.


TEMS Investigation    TEMS Paragon

Automatic pinpointing indoor with TEMS Pocket

TEMS™ Pocket

TEMS Pocket 25.1 adds support for the OnePlus 11 series, Xiaomi 13 series and Asus ROG Phone 7 devices. The Automatic Pinpointing feature, designed for indoor walk testing, has been further improved to support the latest device models. IPv6 protocol support has been extended to FTP/SFTP-based data tests and logfile uploads. Logfile collection refined mode has been enhanced to collect additional RRC measurements. Finally, it is now possible to re-install or upgrade TEMS Pocket over the air, ensuring hassle-free and uniform data collection.


Post processing with TEMS Discovery

TEMS™ Discovery

TEMS Discovery 25.1 introduces new report templates for a variety of test cases including optimization and troubleshooting. The Automated Data Processing (ADP) map export has been enhanced to support additional filtering capabilities. The visibility and selection of co-located sites have been further improved for efficient network analysis and troubleshooting. Software update notifications have been introduced within TEMS Discovery to notify users when a new version is available.

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Understanding mmWave planning

While this is a newsletter focused on TEMS and network testing, at Infovista we understand that all stages of the network lifecycle: planning, deploying, assuring and monetizing are critical for the success of a network. With that in mind, we close each newsletter with something that is not testing focused. This month we hope you enjoy reading a joint whitepaper we authored with Tech Mahindra on understanding mmWave planning.

Preview - Understanding mmWave Planning whitepaper