• Telecom-grade digital map portfolio improves efficiency and accuracy of RF planning and optimization processes
  • High-Quality GeoData for High-Accuracy Modelling


Product at a Glance

GeoData is a set of telecom-grade digital mapping data products designed specifically to work with radio access network (RAN) planning and optimization software products. GeoData portfolio has the depth and breadth to provide mobile operators, mobile network equipment vendors and consulting firms with products that fulfill their maps requirements. Unlike generic goedata suppliers, InfoVista’s GeoData products are specifically designed to deliver best-in-class radio performance to the telecom sector, and are adapted to operators budgets.

Geodata consists of four products: Skylines, Cityscapes, Cityscapes HD and Landscapes.

  • Skylines’ databases provide detailed 3D building models for urban centers and are derived from the best high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery available
  • Cityscapes HD is a major breakthrough in the wireless industry and is designed to work in sprawling metropolitan areas where both man-made structures and vegetation play an important role in defining propagation characteristics. Network operators will experience substantial benefits, including improved propagation modeling accuracy, increased model reusability and robustness, and reduced reliance on propagation model calibration.
  • Cityscapes is designed to meet detailed network planning requirements in geographically diverse areas, and remains the standard input when you want a good balance between propagation modeling accuracy, price and performance.
  • The Landscapes product is a medium-to-low-resolution database designed for large-area planning, and is the ideal solution in initial network planning, network planning in rural areas or bid-preparation.

GeoData’s library is unmatched in quality and coverage, having been established as the best, most accurate digital mapping portfolio in the telecom industry.

Key Features

Clutter (Land Use)

Data shows what is covering the earth in your area of interest. For example, a clutter map will show how much urban and residential land there is and where it is located.

Terrain Data

Data such as heights, elevation, DEM and DTM represent topography. Terrain data is crucial in determining potential obstructions to radio signals.


All types of geographic data represented by lines, polygons or points. These are the streets, roads, rivers, political boundaries, demographic data and place names.

Building heights

A highly detailed representation of buildings within a city for detailed line-of-sight analysis and for use with urban propagation models, such as the Planet Universal model.


Ortho-rectified satellite image tied to the dataset as a visual reference of the area of interest.

Use Cases

Utilizing the right geodata for the right accuracy

Using GeoData for your project is an important step to ensuring the best possible propagation modeling results, which is why InfoVista offers products specifically designed to meet the planning needs of each environment.