5View Mediation

  • Make decisions based on long-term device network behaviors and apps pattern behaviors
  • Forecast by correlating network and application KPIs with monetary metrics and interface billing platforms
  • Communicate with high-level, multi-dimensional reports and SLAs


Product at a Glance

When managing business applications, IT organizations are required to react instantly to align systems performance while at the same time implementing long-term prevention and planning of to ensure user experience. IT systems and operations have to maximize the utilization of network and application resources while simultaneously time accelerating the detection and location of potential congestion and faults. The time to complete these tasks can range from many hours to microseconds, requiring IT to be scalable and agile in their app management.

Operational reactivity is only one side of the coin. IT organizations also must analyze emerging trends and patterns of traffic and service during longer operational periods, ranging from several days to years. These analytic tasks are strategic because they empower IT organizations to make crucial contractual and monetary decisions regarding the performance of critical applications and completion of service provider SLAs. These analyses are also key to forecast network and system capacity to ultimately communicate IT business intelligence to internal stakeholders.

In this context, 5View Mediation responds to this need of powerful analytics and business intelligence. 5View Mediation enables operations and support teams to apply multi-dimensional analytics to reveal deep information about the state, trends and patterns behaviors of their infrastructures.

Key Features

An infrastructure-focused solution

5View Mediation delivers deep insight into network, application and service delivery performance.

Utilizes flow-based and application response time intelligence

Enterprises can measure their strategy effectiveness, enhance their backbone capacity planning process and substantiate infrastructure investments.

Built around a unique OLAP data storage foundation and optimized analysis engine

5View Mediation provides an unmatched set of analytics and reporting capabilities to enable improved decision-making support. 5View Mediation is compatible with 5View NetFlow and 5View Applications appliances for data collection.

Store and process massive volumes of data

5View Mediation is capable of processing and storing massive volumes of highly granular flow data and application KPIs for extended periods of time.

Boasts powerful built-in OLAP query tools

For capacity planning, network architecture teams and finance organizations, this feature enables teams to extract and structure exactly the data they require to identify trends that support overall business.

Use Cases

Decide from long-term device network behaviors and application pattern behaviors

Adjustable data granularity at intervals from months and days to one minute, 10 minutes or one hour. Collected flow data can be correlated with business metadata and calendars. Graphically build simple or complex data queries using drag-and-drop.

Forecast by correlating network and application performance with monetary KPIs and interface billing platforms

Extensive out-of-the-box and custom filtering options. Advanced calculation capabilities add value to technical KPIs. More than 35 pre-defined out-of- the-box dashboards, reports and templates. Export a single report or group of reports in TXT, HTML and PDF formats.

Communicate with high-level multi-dimensional reports

Drill-down and drill-up support within reports and charts to correlate events and business performance impact. Support multiple data axes in a single chart to easily merge multidimensional performance metrics.