Application Intelligence

Ipanema SD-WAN | Application Intelligence+

The key to a smarter SD-WAN in an Extended Edge era

Make your network smarter

You’re looking at SD-WAN because you know it’s the key to digital transformation. But digital transformation is actually about responding to the market faster and delivering perfect experiences for your users. Is your network smart enough for that?

Deploying new applications and technologies is only half of the equation. The key to transforming your business is deep application intelligence and control. You need to take a magnifying glass and examine what’s really happening in your WAN at the session level.

Application Intelligence+ works in the background to maximize the return on your SD-WAN investments, by allocating resources autonomously, dynamically and intelligently. You define business intent and the intelligence takes over from there.

Whatever Ipanema SD-WAN solution is right for your business, Application Intelligence+ is there to underpin it, guaranteeing a secure, fast and cost-flexible experience for your users, wherever they are in the Extended Edge.

Key benefits

Applications Work

Know your apps work perfectly

Ipanema ensures that critical business applications are always-on, working nonstop by automatically and dynamically adjusting all application traffic flows, based on real-time network conditions on all network links. For every single critical application, the performance and quality of experience (QoE) expected by your users never dips, even during peak hours.

Business Agility

Act faster with real business agility

Ipanema with Application Intelligence+ makes it quick and easy to turn up new sites and make changes to existing configurations. Ipanema’s cloud-based orchestration eliminates the need for manual intervention. Zero-touch provisioning and automation further simplify your operations.

Prioritize business intent

Prioritize based on business intent

When your most important applications perform consistently, your overall business efficiency increases. Ipanema Application Intelligence+ uses end-to-end quality of service (QoS) to optimize network resource allocation. That means IT can focus on innovations that grow the business.

Digital Experiences

Deliver digital experiences that work

As more and more customers demand cloud-based applications (Office365, Skype for Business, Teams, to name a few), you need to have a system that ensures a positive user experience. This is critical for customer retention. Ipanema Application Intelligence+ provides seamless QoE and is proven to impact customer satisfaction levels and net promoter scores.

How does it work?

Cloud Technologies

Cloud Application Database

As applications move more and more to the cloud, and the risk of losing visibility over your user experience increases, Ipanema Application Intelligence+ allows you to identify 1000s of SaaS applications on the first packet, to allow users to have the deep visibility and control over applications in the cloud as in the datacenter.

Project status monitoring & control

Application Visibility and Scoring

Ipanema excels in providing both granular and aggregated data views for all your business lines, geographies, sites, applications or groups of applications. Its unique Application Quality Score allows the business to set and monitor performance objectives for different applications and evaluate real-time conditions at a glance.


Application Control

Ipanema provides an end-to-end QoS for session-based control, with dynamic bandwidth allocation and queuing algorithms to regulate traffic flows. It computes bandwidth availability against application demands in real time, and prioritizes traffic based on: application type, bandwidth behavior of flows, and real-time network conditions.

Traffic Optimization

Dynamic WAN Selection

By using DPI for patterns of application flows, Ipanema calculates your application usage and bandwidth availability for best path per flow per application. For Dynamic WAN Selection (DWS), it also takes into account the end-to-end performance metrics of available bandwidth, delay, jitter and packet loss.