• Utilize Powerful Subscriber Insight for Smarter Network Optimization
  • Ensure VIP customer QoS with customer-centric mobile network troubleshooting


Product at a Glance

Xeus is a powerful network optimization and analytics software that allows mobile operators to quickly and effectively analyze and troubleshoot RF network performance problems down to the individual user or cell level. This enables RF optimization engineers to improve the overall mobile network quality of service (QoS).

Designed for convenience and efficiency, Xeus intelligently collects, post-processes and analyzes data from multiple network performance data sources, including GSM, WCDMA and LTE call traces, network configuration and drive test data. Xeus also generates KPI reports based on all collected data points.


The solution includes built-in optimization best practices, integrated optimization algorithms and smart analysis capabilities that enable fast and efficient workflows to accurately identify root causes for a series of network issues. With Xeus, RF engineers do not have to go through tedious and labor-intensive analysis processes to immediately detect the causes of poor cells or low user QoS, such as data throughput and abnormal call events, pilot pollution, overshooting cells or missing neighbors.

This state-of-the-art optimization solution integrates seamlessly into daily operations and network expansion activities, by incorporating advanced 3D network visualization, task automation and performing smart analysis while continuously detecting common radio problems that may compromise network QoS. The solution also ensures total flexibility to tailor the tool to specific mobile users’ needs and optimization scenarios.

Up-to-date multi-vendor and multi-technology support and a market-driven feature roadmap ensure Xeus relevance now and in the future, even in the most complex and heterogeneous network environment.

Key Features

User Friendly, Modular and Flexible

Designed with scalability in mind, Xeus’ various add-on modules offer flexible functionality to suit specific optimization methodologies, including live call traces, drive tests and network configuration troubleshooting.

Powerful Call Trace Analytics

Xeus Traffic Measurement Recording modules include extensive analytics and diagnostics capabilities for all major vendors across 3G and LTE networks, helping operators to utilize the rich, detailed customer experience data to optimize resources and achieve better network performance.

Task Automation Module

Xeus Task Automation Module boosts engineering efficiency and productivity by centralizing access to processed data for optimization groups, thus eliminating repetitive collection and post-processing tasks for engineers that require the same data.

Enhances Engineering Process Work Flow

Xeus has been designed to provide integral process support for network optimization, from initial data collection, to post-processing and analysis, reporting and corrective actions. With the Action Plan Creator, any change to parameters, frequencies or neighbors can be recorded and exported for execution across different departments.

Use Cases

Quality of Service Analysis

Achieve higher QoS through comprehensive troubleshooting of abnormal events and in-depth optimization analytics of cells, blocked or dropped calls and throughput. Users receive unprecedented insight into the precise root causes of problem areas across their networks via Xeus smart analyses of real calls made by subscribers.

User Quality Management

Xeus can analyze millions of calls, or just the one that is most important to your company. Subscriber-based KPIs, such as dropped call and call success rates for VIP customers, allow engineering teams to troubleshoot reported issues and ensure optimal call quality for VIP subscribers.

Live GeoAnalysis

The first step in solving QoS issues is understanding where in the network subscribers are having problems. Xeus provides a unique picture of network performance, highlighting positive and negative QoS for further analysis. Drive-testing can therfore be limited to areas where issues are most likely to occur, optimizing the engineering team’s time.

Daily Network Optimization Platform

Xeus is lightweight yet efficient, remaining available to all engineers and eliminating any delays in network optimization due to limited system access. This reduces operating costs by minimizing the necessary resources to perform root cause analyses and QoS optimization tasks.