• Increase business agility while decreasing costs for mobile backhaul and VPN service assurance
  • Tier-1-class assurance with fully managed, turnkey expertise
  • Affordable, cloud-based managed service with rapid implementation of assurance best-practices


Product at a Glance

VistaGO is InfoVista’s innovative, cloud-based managed service offering that targets two critical pillars of CSP/MNO service assurance; Business Services and Mobile Backhaul.

VistaGO empowers CSPs and MNOs alike to combat inertia and execute on delivering the critical assurance their businesses require. This is possible whether that be the purchase-driving end-to-end performance visibility and SLA reporting for business service customers or managing the massive pressure on backhaul service quality amidst rampant bandwidth growth, new technologies and shifting architectures.

Intelligent insight is a must, and the pressure to deliver ‘yesterday’ coupled with budget constraints, timely business-case processes and the increased drive to lower TCO stands in the way of many operators that need tier-1-class service assurance.

With VistaGO, the time constraint from business justification, through procurement to technical implementation is drastically cut. Delivered with an “as a Service” model with a recurring service fee rather than requiring capital investments, CSPs and MNOs can act to secure the assurance their business requires.


Key Features

Running low on time and capital, CSPs and MNOs can enjoy the following VistaGO features:


Pay-as-you-grow, predictable monthly pricing with no upfront capital expenditure.


VistaGO is designed for continuous operation even in the event of software upgrades or failures.


Strict password policies, secured virtual-private instance and redundant, IPsec VPN tunneling between the operator’s data center and VistaGO.

Elasticity & Scalability

Regular assessment of computing and data storage usage, adjusting assigned resources to meet the evolving requirements.

Multi-tenancy for Business Services

Each collected metric is associated with the relevant customer and service from the moment of collection through to visualization to ensure service-based context, navigation and impact analysis with separate, secure views for each business services customer.

Virtual-Private Cloud

Delivered as a secure, virtual private cloud leveraging public-cloud services aligned with necessary regulatory and business requirements.


Full logging and change control with maintenance windows, as well as incident management 24x7 global support.

Tier-1 Class Service Assurance

VistaGO leverages InfoVista’s industry leading scale, flexibility, self-service UI and service model integration that is enjoyed by top global CSPs and MNOs.

Data Collection

Downloadable virtual appliances for multi-vendor on-site polling plus direct-to-cloud EMS integration

Use Cases

Capacity planning and right-sizing for mobile backhaul and VPN services

Analyzing opportunities for consolidation, plus historical reporting, trend analysis and forecasts to highlight areas requiring bandwidth upgrades to ensure the best allocation of capital investments into the network.

Multi-layer trouble-shooting of service degradation

Real-time monitoring of all backhaul domains and layers including optical, microwave, Ethernet and IP to understand and locate performance impacting issues across multiple vendors.

Customer SLA reporting for IP-based and Carrier Ethernet VPNs

Branded customer portal for access to SLA compliance status and end-to-end performance visibility. It includes configurable self-service dashboards and thresholds, as well as visualization and analytics. Service desk and other internal stakeholders are able to view all customers and services together for a survey of SLA compliance.

Incremental revenue uplift

Tiered reporting capability that enables a tiered-pricing model to maximize adoption and associated revenue for the CSP, from “freemium’’ for basic reporting to fee-based advanced features that can be directly monetized or bundled with higher-level service tiers.