Planet Server

  • Efficient Large-Scale Network Planning through Automated Workflows


Product at a Glance

Continuous growth of mobile data traffic and the migration to next-generation technologies is creating pressure for mobile operators to deploy faster and more complex networks with a wider coverage footprint and density. Managing the deployment and expansion of these networks efficiently is a vital differentiator for operators, helping to deliver better customer experience.

Planet Server streamlines the connections between internal and external stakeholders by making it easier to produce, integrate, access, analyze and modify information derived from air-interface simulations, measurements and related network configuration data - offering operators a new level of network planning intelligence while dramatically reducing OPEX for key engineering tools.

Planet Server IoT Coverage (NRSRP) plot in urban environment

Planet Server extends the proven and powerful Planet desktop software use cases and is designed to meet the specific needs of RF engineering teams for large RF planning and deployment projects. It rationalizes access to important network data and information, and automates network planning workflows and tasks.

With Planet Server, it is also possible to integrate planning data with other third-party data sources such as relevant network configuration or performance data. Automatic aggregation of this valuable data, combined with the ability to publish network planning simulations and analysis layers on the web, simplifies cross-department information sharing while increasing operational efficiencies, making Planet Server a unique network planning management solution that bridges the gap between planning and operational objectives.

Key Features


One of Planet Server’s most powerful features is the ability to automate network planning workflows and processes, such as the generation of coverage predictions and network analyses. The results can automatically be shared through databases and web services. This means that network operators can display their entire network footprint in a web browser, simplifying and reducing the cost of producing coverage maps and network performance simulations, and ultimately increasing operational efficiencies.


Planet Server automates integration with other relevant network information, such as configuration data. This offers key advantages when updating or aligning simulations with site deployment rollout in order to analyze whether capacity and coverage targets are being met or will be met in the future. This is achieved through the embedded Extract Transform and Load (ETL) platform that simplifies the adoption and integration of planning data and other relevant information sources.


Planet Server provides rapid and easy access to detailed site information, up-to-date coverage maps and network analyses that can be used by optimization engineers. Customer service staff can also access this information to help accelerate response times to customer complaints, solving problems faster. Viewing coverage maps at customers’ locations helps troubleshoot the cause of service disruptions faster, which boosts customers’ confidence in the network. In addition to rich maps, details of sites, sectors and antennas can also be published, together with associated information.


Planet Server offers open access capabilities to make RF Planning part of a larger ecosystem within an organization. Planet's Data Manager offers multi-user data collaboration, such as the ability to control permission-based access to projects, allowing multiple users to work on the same project, as well as publishing projects to a relational SQL database that can be queried using scripts.

Use Cases

Increase effectiveness of strategic planning.

Planet Server generates up-to-date coverage and capacity maps of the whole network automatically through workflow automation. This enhances decision making by allowing the visualization of scenarios based on predicted traffic growth, allowing critical areas that require additional resources to be identified. The resulting updated coverage predictions can be shared within multiple departments, including customer care, and published on the organization’s website, helping to increase customer confidence in network coverage and quality.

Manage your service rollouts more efficiently

Planet Server makes it easy to compare actual network rollout for new markets, technologies and subscriber types with the planned network blueprint, based on traffic requirements and population distribution, increasing the efficiency of new deployments. The ability to integrate the latest network configuration information and other third-party data ensures all relevant factors are taken into consideration.

Improve service level management of the RAN

Multiple stakeholders can user Planet Server’s web-based portal to view coverage and quality of service data along with key performance indicators, leading to more effective collaboration. Delivering easy access to useful information to different groups in the organization empowers them to quickly and accurately manage and respond to open tasks, allowing them to assure service level targets are being met.