5View NetFlow

  • Minimize time of detection and location of misbehaving network elements and flows
  • Streamline the diagnosis of end-to-end network behavior
  • Aggregate the correct flow-information, generated by every network node


Product at a Glance

Achieving optimal user experience is a key facet of successful business performance. Enterprises need all employees to benefit from the best quality of experience (QoE) on all business-critical applications in order to succeed.


Some of those applications include SAP, Oracle or MS Dynamics for daily ERPs operations, as well as VoIP or Skype for Business for communication and employee collaboration, including with external providers and customers. Other critical applications include office tools and Web applications to share and print corporate documents that are stored in the cloud. Therefore, understanding the performance of both network devices on the service chain – such as routers, switches and firewalls – and application elements – including software codes, servers and data centers – is key to delivering high QoE.

However, the enterprise network ecosystem is becoming more and more complex. Application processes and virtual and physical IT/network devices can sometimes fail without notice, generating brownouts and blackouts of application service. When these kinds of problems arrive, the degradation on the user experience can drive slowness and employee frustration, affecting the external delivery of services and products. This is why instantaneous detection and quick fault location of misbehaving network and application resources is crucial for rapid diagnosis and the maximization of application uptime and QoE.

In this context, 5View NetFlow is a very powerful solution for detecting traffic anomalies and locating conflictive network resources. Additionally, it allows IT and network managers to communicate with internal stakeholders during all steps of implementation of new architectures and their running modes. 5View NetFLow provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to support network management and IP operations with detailed analysis of IP traffic to accelerate real-time troubleshooting of network and application performance related issues.

Key Features

Supports common flow formats

Cisco NetFlow V5, V9, Flexible NetFlow (FnF), Alcatel-Lucent cflowd, Juniper jFlow, Huawei NetStream, sFlow and IPFIX.


Services IPv4 and IPv6 networks using role-based management with LDAP. Packet capture with header and payload analysis (DPI) provides in-appliance analysis and tracking of IP sessions.


5View NetFlow has the ability to build reports on any field from standard NetFlow v9, PerfAgent, or MediaNet templates. Business-relevant hierarchical groupings and naming are organized by office, region, country or critical application. Other features include the forwarding of alarms/traps to NMS systems, support for Cisco’s Application visibility and control, sophisticated report and data filtering and multiple data and report export formats including print, HTML and CSV.


5View NetFlow can forward application performance data to the InfoVista service assurance platform for centralized management and visualization of flow and application data, as well as proactive application performance degradation troubleshooting. It also provides 5View Mediation with highly-granular application and network performance metrics for advanced business intelligence and data mining.


Multi-tenancy enables secure collection, storage and independent reporting of multiple customers’ data from single appliance. This include localized storage of approximately three months of data per appliance as well as internal physical and virtual appliance health indicators.

Use Cases

Minimizing time of detection and location of misbehaving network elements

Determining the location of the specific source of errors within a network is often the task that takes the longest to complete in the troubleshooting cycle. For enterprises, high QoE is fundamental and tools for minimizing the troubleshooting cycle is key. 5View NetFlow helps enterprises accelerate the detection and pinpoint misbehaving pattern-flows and their causes, taking into consideration traffic volumes and trends, SRC/DST IPs, domain/host names, physical and logical interfaces of network devices and many other metrics.

Improving QoS and SLA compliance

By reducing the troubleshooting cycles, enterprises can act proactively before the service brownouts or blackouts even impact the application user experience. The real-time monitoring of SLAs related to applications and network services helps enterprises easily discern responsibilities – either within the IT organization or the network – when an SLA is violated.

Cloud Application Monitoring

Provides a powerful set of analysis, including application usage and quality metrics, which allows the enterprise to monitor performance and differentiate issues between corporate network segments, SaaS provider segments and CSP segments.

Diagnose end-to-end network elements behavior

By aggregating the correct flow information generated by every network node on an end-to-end network path, IT teams can find performance blind spots that generate errors or service degradation. 5View NetFlow node-flow metrics are correlated in real-time, allowing IT teams to identify network delay breakdown, path capacity and path bottlenecks.