• Protect your business-critical application performance on your WAN from a cloud-based, always up-to-date management platform
  • Speed up the deployment of a secure high-performance hybrid-WAN with just a few mouse clicks
  • Reduce WAN operational costs while protecting IT digital transformation Investments


Product at a Glance

Ipanema, the application aware SD-WAN solution empowering enterprise customers and partners to deliver high-performing enterprise networks – now managed from the cloud via IpanemaGO!

Ipanema's platform orchestrates application SLAs automating the next generation hybrid WAN. This results in operational agility for IT, aligning the enterprise network with business objectives. IT now has the ability to consistently deliver a dramatic improvement in user experience for business applications and fast ROI from applications-driven digital transformations – all managed and deployed from a cloud-based interface via IpanemaGO.

Using IpanemaGO, enterprises eliminate any roadblocks to deploying their SD-WAN or hybrid WAN with no upfront infrastructure requirement to manage the network. Deployment is quick and efficient while reducing overall costs. IpanemaGO is delivered with an “as a Service” model with a recurring service fee rather than requiring capital investments. This OPEX cost model enables the enterprise to focus on its core business while taking advantage of a cloud-based service.


Key Features

In addition to delivering the same SD-WAN functionality that Ipanema provides, IpanemaGO Central Management Service also delivers the following:


IpanemaGO was designed to keep continuous operations in mind even in the event of software upgrades.


Easily comply with regulations and standards using secure Service Portal authentication. Optional IPsec VPN tunneling between the customer network and the IpanemaGO is available.

Elasticity & Scalability

IpanemaGO monitors computing and data space usage and automatically adjust compute resources to the requirements.

Release Management

Management platform is always up-to-date. Each central software upgrade is scheduled and automatically carried out by InfoVista staff.


Daily backup and two weeks archiving of configuration and databases.


Keep trace of system and configuration changes.


Want to move from the cloud to on-premise? InfoVista can provide you with configuration files, log files and exported reports (in PDF format).

Best of breed

IpanemaGO leverages industry leading certified partners’ technology, including Rackspace hosting and force.com for the Service Portal.


Technical support and user guides available.

Use Cases

Hybrid WAN

To lead your IT transformations, you are frequently required to amplify your WAN bandwidth, increase service availability and improve agility. You may find that your WAN links are becoming rapidly overwhelmed, since a lot of new IT service and application transactions are rising from users to data centers, the Internet and the cloud. In such a context, your WAN can quickly become a blocker to the success of your digital transformations. With Ipanema, InfoVista will help you to fully realize the promises of your Hybrid WAN by empowering IT organizations to dynamically orchestrate all hybrid links – MPLS and direct Internet – from a single, “all-in-one” solution.

Guarantee ERP, CRM & business application performance

To maximize efficiency, enterprises strongly rely on their IT organizations to deliver business critical applications hosted centrally in private datacenters or in a cloud, including, ERP, CRM, Financial Management, Business Intelligence and specific business applications. Ipanema solution helps you to protect every application flow in the entire WAN. You can enforce a SLA defined by the level of criticality of your business application and their related operational process.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

New UCCs can dramatically increase employee collaboration, e.g. in international environments. However due to the dynamicity of traffic and content that employees share, UCCs generate very complex traffic matrixes that directly impact the global performance of the enterprise network and its applications. Ipanema helps you to deliver an excellent level of experience to end users, while protecting the rest of your critical applications. You can allocate the bandwidth of each individual video and file flow – and protect voice calls from jitter and instantaneous messages from unacceptable delay – while the performance of the ERP or the SaaS apps are also preserved.

SaaS, Cloud apps

One of the main challenges that enterprises face with their cloud apps is that the public Internet is now becoming part of the customer WAN and the performance of cloud flows can be jeopardized by competing non-critical flows – such as YouTube or Dropbox – at the transit point to the Internet. Ipanema addresses all the above requirements, protecting other business applications and accelerating the rollout and adoption of SaaS applications. Ipanema delivers an excellent level of experience to end users, guarantees bandwidth for each individual file transfer – applying compression mechanisms, for instance – without putting real time flows at risk.