5View Applications

  • Locate and record what is causing application transaction slowness
  • Detect applications and server dysfunctions
  • Minimize time to analyze root causes of errors in Oracle, VoIP and Skype for Business or HTTP transactions


Product at a Glance

Achieving optimal user experience is a key facet of successful business performance. Enterprises need all employees to benefit from the best quality of experience (QoE) on all business-critical applications in order to succeed.

Some of those applications include SAP, Oracle or MS Dynamics for daily ERPs operations, as well as VoIP or Skype for Business for communication and employee collaboration, including with external providers and customers. Other critical applications include office tools and Web applications to share and print corporate documents that are stored in the cloud. Therefore, performance monitoring of both network devices on the service chain – such as routers, switches and firewalls – and application elements – including software codes, servers and data centers – is key to delivering high QoE.

However, the enterprise network ecosystem is becoming more and more complex. Application processes and virtual and physical IT/network devices can sometimes fail without notice, generating brownouts and blackouts of application service. When these kinds of problems arrive, the degradation on the user experience can drive slowness and employee frustration, affecting the external delivery of services and products. This is why instantaneous detection and quick fault location of misbehaving network and application resources is crucial for rapid diagnosis and the maximization of application uptime and QoE.

In this context, 5View Applications provides detailed application usage, availability and response time metrics. This enables IT organizations and CSPs to analyze and understand the factors that may be impacting the application quality and service delivery. Additionally, 5View Applications allows IT and application managers to deliver share extensive application peformance reports with internal stakeholders during launches.

Key Features

Application recognition

Automatic identification and classification of over 5500 pre-defined applications, definition and classification of custom applications, and full line-rate application analysis at 10Gbps processes for up to 500,000 simultaneous IP. Communications include cloud applications such Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, Lync and Salesforce.


Services IPv4 and IPv6 networks using role-based management with LDAP. Packet capture with header and payload analysis (DPI) provides in-appliance analysis and tracking of IP sessions.

Reporting and Performance Monitoring

Enables analysis of individual transaction chains from packet capture; HTTP server/transaction traffic monitoring; Native slow scripts, heavy images and error codes for discrete transactions; Groups of web URLs across a transaction or series of transactions; RTP flows performance analysis, including: MOS calculation for SLA validation, Jitter/Delay/Packet Lost/Codec, per-call signaling and call performance analysis, SIP/MGCP/SCCP decoding per SQL User, per database and on Errors & transaction response time.


5View Applications can forward application performance data to the InfoVista service performance assurance platform for centralized management and visualization of flow and application data, as well as proactive application performance degradation troubleshooting. It also provides 5View Mediation with highly-granular application and network performance metrics for advanced business intelligence and data mining.

Massive Data Capture

Optional hardware feature for Offline Massive Data Capture supporting up to 35 TB of data.

Use Cases

Minimizing detection and location of misbehaving application transactions

Determining the location of the specific source of errors within a network is often the task that takes the longest to complete in the troubleshooting cycle. For enterprises, high QoE is fundamental and tools for minimizing the troubleshooting cycle is key. 5View Applications helps enterprises accelerate the detection and pinpoint misbehaving application transactions. To visualize and analyze the entire chain of a transaction, 5View Applications Transaction Expert breaks down the entire source and displays the type and metrics associated with each individual component of an IP conversation.

SaaS Applications Monitoring

Common SaaS applications such Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and Skype for Business are discovered based on the server name. Transactional analysis enables the location of latency sources to assess the SaaS end-to-end.

VoIP analytics

When IT teams troubleshoot the VoIP platforms, 5View NetFlow helps them to easily make RTP flows performance analysis, including: MOS calculation for SLA validation, Jitter/Delay/Packet Lost/Codec KPI for enhanced troubleshooting, per-call signaling and call performance analysis, SIP/MGCP/SCCP decoding.

Oracle analytics

IT teams can rapidly accelerate the debugging of misbehaving applications and the launch of application updates. 5View Applications offers new KPIs to troubleshoot N-Tiers applications per SQL user, per database and on errors and transaction response times.