Trafikverket ICT Selects Infovista Solutions to Streamline End-to-End Management of Its Network Environment

PARIS, France and HERNDON, Virginia—August 26, 2010—Infovista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, today announced that Trafikverket ICT, a division of the Swedish Transport Administration, has chosen to deploy Infovista’s solutions to provide end-to-end management of its network environment under one platform to ensure peak performance. Trafikverket ICT provides network services for in-house customers responsible for rail and roadway traffic signaling as well as operating as the wholesale provider to ComHem AB of Sweden, a cable MSO offering triple play services to its customers. The company will now have the critical visibility needed to ensure the network performance required for train and road signaling connections, a function that is guaranteed by Trafikverket ICT. Additionally, the ability to assure delivery of network services to ComHem provides an opportunity to reduce costs associated with potential penalties on SLAs.

Trafikverket ICT chose Infovista’s VistaInsight for Networks, Vista360, and VistaLink for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM) for integrated performance reporting and analysis for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM. Working together, these solutions deliver the proactive network performance management, network troubleshooting, capacity monitoring, and the self-service and on-demand reporting capabilities Trafikverket ICT required for delivering and reporting on Key Performance Indicators and Key Quality Indicators over its IP connections.

“The implementation of Infovista’s solutions delivers new capabilities that go beyond typical performance management,” said Bengt Vidin, CIO/CTO office of Trafikverket ICT. “To manage our growth and the increased complexity of our multi-vendor and multi-technology network, it became necessary to find a solution that would ensure our goal of optimum network performance at all times. Infovista delivers the robust, scalable solutions we needed under a single platform, making it possible to readily foresee and abate potential performance issues and offer the customized reporting our customers were asking for. We are very excited about that.”

“In a mission-critical environment like Trafikverket ICT’s, proactive performance management is paramount,” said Pete Shah, senior vice president, Worldwide Field Operations at Infovista. “Knowing that Trafikverket ICT and its clients will benefit from enhanced network visibility and reporting capabilities that are sure to make a positive impact on the company’s overall performance is very rewarding.”


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