Telefónica Latin America Selects Infovista as its Performance Management Solution of Choice

Infovista and Telefónica I+D Partner to Address the Performance Management Needs of All Telefónica Subsidiaries throughout South America

InfoVista and Telefónica I+D Partner to Address the Performance Management Needs of All Telefónica Subsidiaries throughout South America

Paris, France and Herndon, VA (United States), April 4, 2007 – Infovista S.A., the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, today announced that its VistaInsight for Network solutions have been selected by Telefónica International to provide performance management across Telefónica Latin America, the collective name for all of Telefónica’s subsidiaries in South America. Infovista is working in partnership with Telefónica I+D, Telefónica’s research and development subsidiary, on the design and implementation of the roll out as part of the SIGRES (Sistema Integrado de Gestión de Redes y Servicios) project—an initiative to gain consistency across Telefónica Latin America’s network OSS technology.

InfoVista’s performance management platform based on its VistaInsight for Networks, VistaInsight for Servers, and VistaFoundation 2.0 software is being rolled out across the public infrastructure backbone and access network (DSLAM) of all of Telefónica’s South American subsidiaries to provide real-time, historical and future insight into network performance. The automated, integrated and end to end view of service delivery the Infovista software provides will cover approximately 50,000 network devices. It will enable Telefónica to proactively manage all services, isolate and resolve issues before degradation occurs, optimize capacity levels and internally plan service assurance.

Prior to 2005, all of Telefónica’s South American subsidiaries implemented their own preferred OSS technology and methods of monitoring and managing the network. In order to maximize network efficiency and operational effectiveness, Telefónica International, the Telefónica entity that manages all Telefónica’s subsidiaries outside of Spain, identified a need to consolidate the various local systems on to one standardized platform. To address this it launched SIGRES and issued an RFP inviting OSS companies to bid for the various elements of the OSS infrastructure across the region.

Telefónica I+D chose to do a joint bid with Infovista for the performance management element of the project based on the historical relationship Infovista had with Telefónica. In the three years prior to SIGRES, Infovista had worked with various Telefónica subsidiaries throughout Spain including; Telefónica España, Telefónica Wholesale Services, Telefónica Móviles and Telefónica Soluciones, all of which operate independently of each other. The success of these projects led to Infovista becoming a recognized technology provider for the region and signing a Frame Agreement with Telefónica Group.

“The fact that Infovista had built an impressive reputation with the Telefónica Group based on the work it had done with subsidiaries throughout Spain, gave us confidence to bid for the SIGRES project with Infovista,” explained Francisco Jariego, OSS managing director for Telefónica I+D. “We are developing a partnership to assure that the scalability, reliability and value of its solutions outperform any other vendor in the market.”

The SIGRES project covers Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Columbia, is now about to enter into the first phase roll out process which includes around 3-4 million residential customers. Initially, the Infovista roll out is focused on internal reporting only and monitoring the backbone and access network. However, in the future, Telefónica Latin America plans to move Infovista to customer-facing functions to include reporting on customers’ applications and IT infrastructures such as managed services.

“By introducing Infovista’s holistic performance management platform, Telefónica Latin America has been able to raise the quality and reliability of service delivery and improve performance around provisioning and service assurance,” says Julien Dahan, SVP EMEA Operations, Infovista. “We are extremely proud of our involvement with Telefónica I+D and the SIGRES project which is set to transform service delivery throughout South America.”


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