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Mentum Planet 5.1 Released with Improved 4G Capabilities

Support For CDMA/EVDO/WiMAX and LTE in a Single, Next-Generation Platform Provides Unique Capabilities to Vendors and Operators Leading the 4G Migration

Support For CDMA/EVDO/WiMAX and LTE in a Single, Next-Generation Platform Provides Unique Capabilities to Vendors and Operators Leading the 4G Migration

Gatineau, Que. - January 5, 2010 - Infovista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, today announced the release of Mentum Planet 5.1 with improved LTE and CDMA/EVDO capabilities on its next-generation network planning platform, Mentum Planet 5.

Mentum Planet is a robust and easy-to-use Windows-based software solution that helps wireless operators, integrators, and equipment vendors plan, manage, and improve the performance of wireless networks to maximize their investment, increase revenue, improve profitability, and accelerate the time to market. The newest software release, Mentum Planet 5.1, is the second release on the next generation platform, which addresses the requirements of advanced 4G technologies including WiMAX and LTE. Mentum Planet 5.1 delivers radical workflow breakthroughs and hundreds of feature innovations including:

  • CDMA/CDMA 2000/EVDO/LTE/WiMAX multi-technology support 
  • Improved scalability and stability for larger networks within a single project 
  • Network analysis calculation time improvements of 30-50% 
  • A future-proof platform supporting ongoing radio access network evolution 
  • Better performance in user interfaces, data-related actions, and import/export functions 
  • Repeater, split sectors, and DAS support 
  • Improved LTE modeling and planning capabilities including physical cell ID planning 
  • Batch network analysis capabilities Improved mobile WiMAX capabilities 
  • New Mentum Planet Open API software development kit 

"With its support for next generation networks, Mentum Planet 5.1 will provide tremendous advantages for operators- especially those leading the 4G migration from CDMA/EVDO technologies," said Bernard Breton, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer at Infovista. "Mentum Planet 5.1 is a major milestone in our ongoing effort to provide wireless operators with the most modern, easy-to-use, accurate, and scalable network planning solution that encompasses all wireless technologies."


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