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Ipanema 9.2 Delivers Business Grade WAN to Internet Connected Enterprises

Infovista’s Application-Aware SD-WAN Solution Allows Branch Locations Using Direct Internet Access to Securely Connect to the Enterprise MPLS Network While Maintaining Quality of Service

InfoVista’s Application-Aware SD-WAN Solution Allows Branch Locations Using Direct Internet Access to Securely Connect to the Enterprise MPLS Network While Maintaining Quality of Service

PARIS, France and ASHBURN, Virginia – September 12, 2017— Infovista, the leading provider of network performance orchestration solutions for a better connected and collaborative world, today announced updates to its Application-Aware SD-WAN solution, recently certified by The Tolly Group, with the release of Ipanema 9.2. As enterprises consider the evolution of their MPLS networks, the new software release provides a migration path to business grade WAN for enterprises that increasingly have Internet-only locations and are considering migration to an all-Internet WAN in the future.

Ipanema 9.2 extends the MPLS network to Internet-only connected sites without the need for added Internet routers. It maintains the same full quality of service for all applications with enhancements to both software and new hardware appliances that support higher speed capacity to the branch. With the ability to add capacity more quickly via Internet links, enterprises can experience increased business agility and faster deployments of hybrid WAN at a lower cost, while maintaining network security at the branch via enhanced support for secure web gateways, such as Zscaler.

Ipanema 9.2 also introduces a new high availability feature that delivers business continuity via redundant hardware configurations, alongside other improvements in application visibility and performance reporting.

Ipanema’s intelligent application control capabilities and its ability to deliver business objective-driven user experience, were certified in a Test Report published in July 2017 by The Tolly Group, a leading global provider of third-party validation services for vendors of IT products, components and services.

The Tolly Group tested two of the solution's key features: Application Control and Dynamic WAN Selection. Its Application Control test certified that Ipanema effectively manages WAN resources to deliver an optimized quality of experience for mission-critical applications, as defined by business priorities in a session-by-session manner. The Dynamic WAN Selection test validated the solution’s ability to automatically migrate individual critical application sessions to best-performing links dynamically, should current WAN conditions degrade.

Supporting Quote

  • “The release of 9.2 is part of Infovista’s ongoing product strategy to provide solution enhancements for digital and Internet connected enterprises,” said Sylvain Quartier, SVP Product Strategy Enterprises, Infovista. “It follows a record year of Ipanema Application-Aware SD-WAN deployments in 2016, and a significant focus on enabling enterprises to deliver a greater user experience for business-critical applications as part of their digital transformation. We’re building on that now, extending our support to Internet-connected enterprises and providing them with a migration path to the pure Internet-based networks of the future.” 
  • "Application demand for bandwidth is at an all-time high, especially within the digital and Internet connected enterprises – without awareness and intelligent control of WAN applications, the user experience is put to serious risk," said Kevin Tolly, founder of The Tolly Group. “The results of our testing of Ipanema were impressive. The solution demonstrated sophisticated, dynamic management of WAN applications and delivered on its promise of delivering the desired user experience per application session, as defined by business priorities.”


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