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Infovista Launches Real-time Dynamic Service Assurance Platform to Accelerate NFV Deployments

VistaInsight provides Open APIs, Dataflow and Telemetry to increase service assurance agility in virtualized and physical networks.

VistaInsight provides Open APIs, Dataflow and Telemetry to increase service assurance agility in virtualized and physical networks.

PARIS, France and ASHBURN, Virginia— 23 April, 2018— Infovista, the leading provider of network performance orchestration solutions, today announced the launch of a real-time and dynamic service assurance platform for its Service Assurance solution, VistaInsight. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can benefit from VistaInsight to accelerate their virtualization (NFV) programs through a real-time view of the network, support for closed-loop automation, and enrichment of Big Data.

CSP networks are undergoing a transition from legacy physical components to a new, virtualized infrastructure. During this transition, there will be a lengthy period during which complex, hybrid physical and virtualized networks will co-exist. This hybrid network environment demands speed and agility in the provisioning and deployment of new services in both the virtualized and traditional environments. 

If a Service Assurance system does not keep up with the speed of service provisioning, is not synchronized with the changes in network topology, and cannot ingest and enrich data from multiple sources, CSPs will be unable to deliver and maintain the velocity required to meet business demands. To achieve such levels of service in both virtualized and non-virtualized networks, Service Assurance systems need to be open, agile, and highly responsive.

VistaInsight Real-time and Dynamic Service Assurance platform accelerates virtualization programs by exposing the platform capabilities to the entire CSP ecosystem. This is achieved through an extensive set of open APIs, telemetry sourcing of data, dynamically synchronized state of the network topology, and a real-time view of network and service performance. By streaming data in real-time, VistaInsight is dedicated to increasing business agility and interoperability in both virtualized and non-virtualized networks.

VistaInsight’s open API capability is key for the success of both the design- and run-time of upcoming NFV hybrid networks, and for designing NFV hybrid service models. Through its real-time dynamic service modelling, support for zero-touch operations, and support for wider and deeper analytics, CSPs can obtain immediate business benefits.

Supporting Quotes

“Service Assurance Platforms are becoming critical for the success of CSPs’ network transformation projects and we are delighted to bring to market this major evolution to assist leading service providers in realising the benefits of their network virtualisation initiatives,” says Yann Le Helloco, Chief Technology Officer, Infovista. “VistaInsight now also offers CSPs, MNOs and Global Enterprise operations and engineering teams the ability to ensure service quality over virtualized and dynamic networks.”

“Given the highly dynamic nature of NFV, there is a need for streaming telemetry and real-time data collection. Data polling will move from a 10-minute cadence to seconds,” said James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading. “Infovista has assigned the highest priority to real-time processing and telemetry streaming as part of its platform. Infovista’s solution, built on REST-based Open APIs, can support dynamic inventory and policy-driven closed-loop automation. These are critical features that CSPs need to derive the maximum business benefits as they transition to network virtualization.”


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