Infovista Launches Mentum Fusion with LTE Support

Mentum Fusion Automated Coverage Analysis & Publishing to Help Wireless Operators Deploy LTE Networks Faster

Mentum Fusion Automated Coverage Analysis & Publishing to Help Wireless Operators Deploy LTE Networks Faster

PARIS, FRANCE- OCTOBER 18, 2010 - Infovista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, announced today the release of Mentum Fusion™ 1.5 with support for LTE as well as HSPA, WCDMA, GSM, CDMA and EVDO.

Mentum Fusion is a server-based, cloud or hosted computing platform that streamlines network planning, optimization and management tasks. Mentum Fusion provides operators with a platform that automatically aggregates nationwide network configurations and creates real-time coverage maps and statistics. Mentum Fusion automates engineering tasks throughout the entire network life cycle, simplifying cross-department information sharing and increasing operational efficiencies. The new release of the industry's very first engineering automation platform provides full support for LTE enabling mobile network operators to improve efficiency and closely monitor the deployment of their LTE network.

"The main advantage of Mentum Fusion is that it helps engineers save time and reduce the risk of errors so they can focus on more important aspects of a network rollout. For the management of a rollout, the key benefit is that the progress of the rollout is easily available, always up-to-date and quantified in terms of coverage rather than simply site count," said Bernard Breton, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer at Infovista. "With the new release of Mentum Fusion, the most tedious, time-consuming tasks, such as developing detailed reports and creating coverage maps, are completely automated. Operators can rollout a new LTE network or overlay 4G on an existing network faster and more efficiently than ever before."

Beyond the support for additional radio access technologies such as LTE, Mentum Fusion 1.5 introduces a first version of its Network Online Explorer (NOX) - a web presentation platform that makes it easy to share coverage information with internal and external stakeholders. With Mentum Fusion, it is now possible to entirely automate the process associated with generating multi-region or countrywide coverage maps, from initial data gathering to the publication of the outcome on the web, ensuring it is always up-to-date. Live demonstrations will take place in stand 531 at 4G World in Chicago, October 18-21.

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Infovista is the global leader in network lifecycle automation (NLA) for the next-gen networks era. With its unique NLA approach, Infovista allows communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to improve their network performance and customer experience, optimize their productivity, and reduce their costs, while maximizing return on their investments. Spanning the entire network lifecycle, Infovista’s products and solutions leverage an open, integrated, cloud native portfolio that automates tasks, flows, analytics, and decisions to the greatest extent possible. More than 1,000 customers, including 400 Mobile Network Operators, around the world rely on Infovista to plan, design, deploy, test, operate, support, optimize, evolve, report on and monetize their networks –