Infovista Launches Mentum Ellipse Free Software Edition

Mentum Ellipse Express Edition Brings the Proven Accuracy and Efficiency of Mentum Ellipse to All Microwave Engineers Across the Globe

Mentum Ellipse Express Edition Brings the Proven Accuracy and Efficiency of Mentum Ellipse to All Microwave Engineers Across the Globe

PARIS, FRANCE- SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 - Infovista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, today announced the availability of Mentum Ellipse Express, a free edition of the company's popular enterprise-grade wireless backhaul planning and optimization software solution.

Mentum Ellipse® is a powerful wireless backhaul engineering solution for dimensioning, planning and optimization of microwave links and wireless backhaul networks, used by many large and medium-sized companies across the globe. Mentum Ellipse Express offers Microwave Link Design functionality, in the same ways as the Mentum Ellipse Basic Edition, by analyzing link performance and interference one-by-one, making it well suited for smaller projects.

The Mentum Ellipse Express Edition includes:

  • Microwave Link Design functionality: for 30 links and 60 sites per project 
  • Free online training: "Mentum Ellipse Getting Started" 
  • Download of free geodata from the Mentum Server 
  • Support through the Mentum Ellipse User Forum community 

The free Mentum Ellipse Express Edition provides everything a microwave engineer needs to design and plan smaller microwave networks and it serves as a great introduction to the full-featured versions of Mentum Ellipse.

"Microwave design engineers had to choose, until today, between high-end backhaul network design solutions like Mentum Ellipse and low-end solutions, which are affordable but unfortunately antiquated," commented Bernard Breton, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer at Infovista. "With this release, Infovista continues to pave the way for innovation in the network planning market by putting the industry's most advanced backhaul planning tool in the hands of microwave engineers across the globe to achieve even greater levels of market adoption."

"Mentum Ellipse Express Edition is a free and compelling alternative to existing microwave link planning solutions currently on the market and it delivers the superior quality, reliability and accuracy that network engineers have come to expect from Infovista products. It complements the enterprise-grade editions of Mentum Ellipse," added Breton.

InfoVista offers four enterprise-grade Mentum Ellipse software editions, which are well suited for planning larger and more complex wireless backhaul networks. More information about the editions can be found on the Infovista web site.

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