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Infovista Combines User QoS, Network Intelligence and Service Assurance for Advanced Mobile Network Optimization

VistaNEO Enables Mobile Operators to Protect Enterprise Customer Revenue Streams by Optimizing Network Troubleshooting Efforts

PARIS, France and HERNDON, Virginia—February 16, 2016—Infovista, the leading provider of network performance orchestration solutions for a better connected and collaborative world, today announced the latest version of VistaNEO, its automated RAN geolocation and optimization solution for unmatched subscriber quality of experience (QoE). This version offers new network optimization features such as group and individual subscriber quality of service (QoS) analysis together with superior geo-location intelligence. It enables mobile operators to protect revenue streams by maintaining enterprise customers’ and VIP subscribers’ QoE with advanced network optimization that combines subscriber intelligence, network intelligence and service assurance practices.

As the mobile market becomes more saturated and subscriber data usage continues to climb, mobile operators must shift more of their focus to customer retention, for both individual subscribers and enterprise customers. With better practices that combine network and subscriber intelligence, VistaNEO approaches network optimization and performance management from the subscriber perspective. It automatically processes 24/7 geo-located call trace data, correlating it with other important network optimization data. This is turned into actionable insight about the QoE of all subscribers, or just one, in near-real time.

With VistaNEO’s latest geo-location engine features, mobile operators can plot individual subscriber positioning or drill-down into specific areas of the network, ensuring VIP enterprise subscriber QoE remain a top priority. As a result, even among increased market saturation, mobile operators can stay a step ahead and explore vast new revenue opportunities with the trust of their high-profile customer base.

Supporting Quotes

  • “The traditional KPI-focused approach of network performance management does not allow mobile operators to discriminate which network degradations are affecting high-profile customers,” said Sylvain Quartier, senior vice president, products and markets strategy, Infovista. “As a result, a VIP enterprise customer with hundreds or even thousands of subscribers could be left with poor service, jeopardizing a profitable and reliable revenue stream for the mobile operator. VistaNEO eliminates this risk, giving mobile operators the subscriber insight needed to have a clear view of VIP users’ network activity and prioritize network optimization efforts accordingly.” 
  • “For mobile operators, having a view of the network from the subscriber point of view has become a critical aspect of reducing not only subscriber churn but also CAPEX and OPEX,” said Andre Sequerah, head of network planning and optimization product line management, Infovista. “By knowing how to prioritize network optimization efforts, mobile operators can minimize troubleshooting activities and costs. Some of VistaNEO’s latest differentiators further protect mobile operators’ revenue streams by isolating RAN-related problems, offering cross-team workflow and collaboration, and providing highly accurate results based on subscriber and event location.”

Key Facts

  • VistaNEO subscriber group analysis gives mobile operators the ability to monitor a group of subscribers, mainly enterprise customers, and provide aggregated QoE indicators in order to optimize network performance management efforts. With subscriber group analysis and phone profiling, users can also create customizable subscriber groups with the specific International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) for the group. Or, they can drill down further to examine specific trends, call records or phone performance problems. 
  • VistaNEO implements an RF fingerprinting assisted geo-location algorithm from Infovista’s mobile network planning solution, Planet, in all coverage plots and event positioning. Propagation models, antennae models and geo-data is aggregated to provide highly accurate subscriber and event location information, as well as isolate RAN-related problems to clearly understand subscribers’ QoE.
  • VistaNEO allows for cross-team workflow with a centralized repository of network and subscriber intelligence. It enables reports to be built once and then shared easily for all teams and stakeholders across the organization. The ability to view Web reports and export Excels for periodic management reporting saves time and allows RF engineers to divert resources to other areas of network improvement.


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