Infovista announces Ipanema’s ip|engine 400ax for branch networks up to 5000 users & 300 Mbps

Ipanema’s new ip|engine enhances the ability of large branch offices, headquarters or small data-centers to guarantee application performance and new usages.

Ipanema’s new ip|engine enhances the ability of large branch offices, headquarters or small data-centers to guarantee application performance and new usages.

PARIS, France and HERNDON, Virginia – November 6, 2014 – Infovista, the global leader of network performance orchestration software solutions, today announces ip|e 400ax, the new ip | engine of Ipanema, Infovista’s Application Performance Guarantee solution. This new device enables companies to guarantee the performance of their business critical applications such as Unified Communications, ERP and CRM, easily move these applications into the cloud as well as control Internet, social media and video traffic across 300Mbps. These engines will benefit large branch offices, headquarters and small data-centers alike, allowing enterprises greater visibility and higher bandwidth to manage the growing performance demand from today’s new network usages.

The ip|e 400ax allows for the management of up to 5000 users and 300 Mbps, bolstering Infovista’s range of Ipanema appliances designed for various WAN link capacities and numbers of users on a site. This family of physical and virtual appliances are key components of Ipanema’s Autonomic Networking System (ANS), the central management platform for orchestrating all of Ipanema’s capabilities : Application Visibility, Application Control, WAN Optimization and Network Rightsizing. All these elements allow the Ipanema’s system to guarantee business application performance over complex and large networks with offices of all size, from the smallest branch to the largest data center. In addition, the new ip|e 400ax comes with numerous additional benefits, such as:

  • Application visibility and control for branch office networks up to 300Mbps with support for any IP network, using a variety of access technology including Ethernet, Internet, MPLS, and LTE.
  • The ability to manage redundant networks with a single device via dual fail-safe hardware capabilities. This allows for simpler installation at lower cost for enterprises.
  • Dynamic WAN Selection capabilities to maximize the value of multiple network combinations (such as dual MPLS access, dual service providers or MPLS + Internet) by unifying application performance and ensuring the optimum usage of each available path between sites.
  • Users of the ip|e 400ax will also benefit from WAN optimization capabilities for network links up to 100Mbps.
  • Ip|e 400ax also exists as a virtual appliance, as part of the full virtualization portfolio.

“Roughly 10% of our customers currently use 300Mbps bandwidth capacity in their large-sized branches. We expect this number to approach 50% as early as 2017. Additionally, roughly 50% of customers use the same bandwidth capacity in their small data centers. The ability to monitor, prioritize, and control business critical application performance remains key to ensuring business productivity”, said Matthieu Silbermann, Product Management Director, Ipanema solutions, at Infovista. ” Even sites with very high capacity networks need centralized control. The rollout of the Ipanema’s ip|e 400ax is designed to manage and control the growing demand on large-sized branch offices and small data centers. The ability to guarantee application performance is essential if companies are to manage traffic according to their business needs”.

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