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Infovista Adds Application Delivery and Response Capabilities to its Unified Network and Application Performance Man

Release of 5View™ Service Data Manager 2.0 Provides Ability to Monitor Application Delivery and Response Time

Release of 5View™ Service Data Manager 2.0 Provides Ability to Monitor Application Delivery and Response Time

Paris, France, and Herndon, VA—November 03, 2009—InfoVista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, today announced the release of 5View Service Data Manager 2.0 which adds a fully integrated Application Response Manager to further enhance the industry’s first wholly interoperable network and application performance management platform introduced in April of this year. With this newest software release, InfoVista now makes it possible for managed service providers and large enterprises to monitor application delivery and response time, while continuing to leverage existing or new VistaInsight for Networks deployments with unified application usage visibility and WAN optimization awareness. Additionally, InfoVista reports two tier-one customers have already adopted its unified network and application performance management solutions, further validating the company’s mission to provide solutions that help service providers launch more competitive, value-added managed business services.

“Aberdeen Group’s recent research found that 42% of enterprise respondents identified the lack of internal resources to support managing network performance as the top pressure driving them to utilize managed network services,” said Jeffrey DeBarros, senior research analyst for Aberdeen. “InfoVista’s latest product launch connects critical application response-time analysis with the underlying network infrastructure; this aligns well with our finding that application performance management must include knowledge of the underlying infrastructure quality to be effective, provide optimal application performance, and improve the end-user experience.”

Since first announcing its new unified network and application performance management solution just six months ago, InfoVista has successfully won projects with two major service providers, both offering a tailor-made approach to application-aware Advanced Business Services.

The first customer, a tier-one Telco in the Asia-Pacific region, has deployed InfoVista’s 5View application-aware solutions as part of a large infrastructure outsourcing project with a major bank. The solution will expedite application-centric troubleshooting, and performance analysis. Integrating with VistaInsight for Networks, the solution also provides customer reporting and capacity monitoring capabilities to aid operational support.

The second company, another tier-one provider in central Europe, is employing the unified 5View and VistaInsight solution to expedite application-aware troubleshooting. The deployment allows operational teams to identify customers, their applications, and the related IP network infrastructure on a single portal, which is a significant aid in pinpointing the cause of a decline in customer experience.

“We are proud to announce 5View Service Data Manager 2.0 as a natural extension to our well-received solutions for Advanced Business Services,” said Eric Fries, senior vice president, application performance management business line for InfoVista. “5View Service Data Manager 2.0 offers significant benefits to our customers and underscores InfoVista’s mission to continue to develop a portfolio of game-changing Advanced Business Service solutions for providers of managed services.”



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