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Important wins reinforce Ascom international leadership in VoLTE and network performance benchmarking solutions

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Telefónica UK reaffirms partnership with the deployment of Ascom's latest Benchmarking System in the UK as part of its nationwide benchmarking program.

Telefónica UK, a leading digital communications company, has deployed Ascom's latest TEMS Automatic and TEMS Discovery systems into Telefónica's fleet of vehicles that its engineers use for benchmarking the mobile network through drive-by testing. The deployment is based on TEMS Automatic using smartphones for measurements of all UK mobile operator's 2G, 3G and 4G networks in both voice and data quality. The systems are already providing valuable engineering feedback to Telefónica network engineers. With this state-of-the-art upgrade, Ascom reinforces its position as the leading provider of advanced test solutions to the global mobile telecommunications industry.

Adrian Di Meo, CTO of Telefónica UK said "The UK is a highly competitive market for mobile operators and Telefónica is committed to a program of continuous improvement assuring our customers of the best possible service. There are a number of independent network surveys published in the UK but it is essential to have our own equipment deployed, providing us with direct and detailed engineering feedback which we act on immediately to resolve problems and improve our network. Ascom has worked with us to deliver a state of the art system that allows us to see exactly where we stand compared to other UK networks and how to improve our own service."

Rikard Lundqvist, General Manager Ascom Network Testing, commented: "We have worked closely with Telefónica UK for a number of years with a range of Ascom products deployed with them. We are delighted that they have trusted us to deliver this important project and we look forward to working closely in the future."

Strategic VoLTE deal further solidifies Ascom's technology leadership

Ascom Network Testing was awarded a strategic project from a major North American network operator for Ascom's TEMS Pocket Voice over LTE (VoLTE) solution with a value exceeding CHF 1 million.

TEMS Pocket is a handset based test solution for network technology deployment and optimization, enabling quality conscious operators to quickly and accurately test complex networks spanning both indoor and outdoor environments.

More than half of today's global voice and data traffic and the majority of traffic growth is generated indoors, and it is critical that test solutions enable network operators to ensure customer satisfaction by testing the way the network is truly used by their customers, both indoors and outdoors. This is as important with VoLTE technology as it has been with preceding technology generations, as operators market VoLTE for its crystal clear HD Voice quality and compare it to over-the-top solutions such as Skype that offer alternatives to operators existing voice services. TEMS Pocket supports indoor mapping, coverage analysis and site verification in addition to the collection of outdoor drive test data.

Rikard Lundqvist, General Manager Ascom Network Testing, underlines: "Ascom is a leader in support for deployment of Voice over LTE technology, and this important order further solidifies our position as the leading provider of LTE and VoLTE test solutions".

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