Heavy Reading: InfoVista Responds to Telcos’ Future Service Assurance Demands for Cloud & Software-Defined Networks

PARIS, France and HERNDON, VirginiaAugust 1, 2013InfoVista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, has been profiled in a recent Heavy Reading report analyzing why communications service providers (CSPs) need to adjust their service assurance capabilities to improve the quality of their cloud services and plan for and enable software-defined networking (SDN). In this report, InfoVista is named as one of seven key vendors that offer the appropriate carrier-grade, real-time performance visualization, service modeling and subscriber quality of experience (QoE) visibility required by CSPs to succeed with these two disruptive technology transitions.

Motivated by the need to grow their revenues by offering differentiated services, CSPs are relying on concepts like SDN and cloud-enabled capabilities like application visibility services to further monetize their network. SDN and initiatives such as network function virtualization (NFV) also allow CSPs to streamline their CAPEX and increase customer retention by significantly decreasing customer activation time. With the complete virtualization of network services, CSPs’ service assurance platforms must evolve to provide a holistic, end-to-end visualization of network and application performance and must significantly increase agility, scalability and flexibility.

Key Facts

  • Future service assurance solutions will need to be closely aligned with a new, “real-time OSS,” enabling CSPs and their business customers to deploy, configure and activate network service capabilities quickly and on-demand. As SDN takes control over network control functions, network programmability and OSS interoperability supported by a real-time performance assurance platform will be vital to ensure that CSPs’ infrastructure is able to fulfill on-demand quality of service (QoS) requests from third-party applications and customers.
  • Next generation service assurance capabilities such as service modeling and customer-centric performance views are becoming increasingly critical.
  • Automated, real-time, root-cause analyses can help CSPs quickly identify the cause of customers’ current and future service degradation, allowing CSPs to take the necessary corrective measures and improving customer retention.
  • A fully automated OSS, supported by real-time network intelligence, means more efficient and effective data correlation, allowing engineers to focus on planning cost-efficient network deployments, designing innovative service capabilities and launching disruptive services.

Supporting Quotes

  • “With 70 percent of our CSP and mobile operator customers focused on monetizing, operating and optimizing their IP/MPLS and Carrier Ethernet networks, InfoVista is the de-facto leader in CSP service performance assurance,” said Bernard Breton, SVP, Americas and APAC sales and chief marketing officer, InfoVista. “Our unique positioning and consistent interaction with innovators and leaders in this space will allow InfoVista to assist CSPs throughout this exciting and revolutionary network transformation.”
  • “SDN is in its infancy, but it is widely accepted that it will dramatically impact the telecommunications industry,” said Cyril Doussau, senior director, network performance management product strategy, InfoVista. “To realize the benefits associated with SDN, CSPs need to redefine their performance assurance platform strategies. In particular, a focus on real-time, carrier-grade, end-to-end service assurance is key for them to successfully offer on-demand QoS and transition their business models toward Network-as-a-Service.”
  • “SDN and CSP cloud environments are dynamic in nature,” said Ari Banerjee, senior analyst, Heavy Reading. “Therefore, they demand a real-time view of the provisioned state of the infrastructure that is regularly updated with network changes and that ultimately translates into underlying network device changes. Service assurance vendors, like InfoVista, that can assure cloud and IP services are well-prepared to support SDN and will likely become vendors-of-choice when this technology becomes mainstream.”


  • Read the executive summary for Heavy Reading’s report, “Service Assurance in SDN & Cloud,” here.
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