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GenAI and 360-degree intelligence to accelerate 5G monetization at DTW24

Catalyst project brings together CSPs, enterprises and vendors to show how GenAI and AI-driven processes can unlock new profitable B2B services for CSPs

Paris, France – 30 May 2024 – Infovista today revealed details of its Catalyst at the forthcoming Digital Transformation World 2024 (DTW24) event. The Catalyst, entitled “Holistic intelligence & GenAI to accelerate 5G monetization”, championed by service providers including BT Group, Telus, Telecom Italia, Zain KSA, Econet Wireless, and Italian utility Bludigit, will demonstrate how CSPs can monetize their 5G networks through SLA-guaranteed business-to-business services, positioning them to secure revenues from the 5G services market, which is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 49.6% between 2024-2032 . Powered by GenAI and AI/ML, the solution automates processes across service lifecycle management, transforming incident management, streamlining service provisioning, and empowering enterprises with self-service portals that foster simplicity, autonomy, and an unparalleled customer experience. Confirmed participants in the Catalyst at DTW24 include AWS, BMC, Infovista, Intracom Telecom, Netcracker, Proadapt and TTA.

The Catalyst project enables CSPs to differentiate their B2B service offerings by delivering unparalleled services, SLA guarantees and enterprise customer experience. The innovative approach enables CSPs to stay ahead of the competition and unlock new revenue opportunities while ensuring they can deliver a sustainable, cost-efficient B2B offering at scale. From an enterprise perspective, it allows them to acquire advanced services from CSPs that accelerate their digital transformation with higher degrees of observability and automation.

Renata da Silva, VP Product Marketing, Infovista, commented: “CSPs are confronted with the complex task of monetizing their network B2B services while ensuring high observability and automation levels for their enterprise customers. The challenge lies in empowering enterprises to autonomously operate their services and manage their own customers successfully, all while allowing CSPs to maintain full SLA control and business prioritization over the diverse range of services they offer. The emergence of technological innovations and enhancements such as GenAI/AI, Closed-loop systems, anomaly management and automation frameworks has opened avenues that as an industry we can leverage to significantly enhance the quality of service offered to enterprise customers. We’re excited to be working alongside our innovative peers and forward-thinking CSPs to demonstrate how the industry can collaborate to address the technical, operational and commercial challenges that have hindered CSPs’ attempts to confidently and profitably monetize their 5G networks.”

The collaborative project is championed by CSPs and enterprises from across the globe, including BT Group and Telecom Italia SpA in Europe, Mobile Telecommunications Saudi Company (Zain KSA) and Econet Wireless Zimbabwe from the MEA region, and the Canadian fixed and mobile operator Telus. Italian energy utility Bludigit (an Italgas company) is championing the project from an enterprise customer perspective, having previously revealed how it expects over 90% savings across its nationwide network of more than 8 million smart meters through reduced field visits and improved SLA controls with regulators and CSPs.

Vivian Chaitezvi, Manager Services and Support Systems Planning, Econet Wireless said: “This catalyst addresses the challenges of not having holistic views across our ecosystem, encompassing 2G to 5G legacy and modern networks, impacting our efficiency and inhibiting us from developing effective closed-loop automations. In modern, complex networks spanning different technologies and geographies, achieving 360° observability is essential for driving transformation through automation and GenAI. This approach enhances customer experience and meets the increasingly demanding requirements of digital service customers.”

Massimo Banzi, Innovation Manager, Telecom Italia, said: “GenAI is pivotal not only for enhancing customer experience through AI-based assistance but also for empowering our operations. Leveraging historical data based on our experience and network structure delivers predictive insights that enable us to anticipate and resolve issues proactively. Patrizia Rossi, Enterprise Major Accounts Manager, Telecom Italia, added: “Our customers deserve access to all features embedded in the management of a mobile network. This encompasses more than just connectivity or data traffic monitoring; it includes leveraging all applications that support them in managing their business and network autonomously, such as self-provisioning, GenAI-based real-time analytics and troubleshooting, marketing-driven insights, continuously delivering innovative solutions.” Massimo Banzi concluded: “Collaborating closely with the customer allows us to collectively identify the best opportunities that emerging technologies can offer them, fostering synergy between us and our customers to maximize value. The 360° visibility provides insights for innovation, sales and marketing, engineering and operations departments to collaborate together and craft tailored service offerings that our customers need.”

Dr Ali Tizghadam, Fellow, Telus, said: “Better handling of issues and silent failures at both the network and service levels helps us identify customer-side problems early, reducing churn and increasing our customers' “Likelihood to Recommend”. The unique aspects of this catalyst lie in its end-to-end perspective and the transformation of data into predictive analytics, paving the way for self-driving networks that are self-healing, self-optimizing, and self-configuring.”

Farhan Ahmed Hashmi, Fixed Solutions Senior Manager, Zain KSA, said: “In the age of digital transformation, we look at how to optimize our service delivery, improve our SLA guarantees and reduce costs, all while increasing our customer experience.” Ahmed Omer Ahmed, Architecture & DevOps Manager, Zain KSA, added: “Delivering customer portals to our business customers not only allows us to monetize our 5G investment faster but also serve our customers better. With automation, GenAI, and customer portals, we can achieve better agility in our operations, maximizing every aspect from improved KPIs and SLAs to shorter customer onboarding times, ultimately leading to higher profits. Delivering customer portals to our business customers not only allows us to monetize our 5G investment faster but also serve our customers better.”

TM Forum’s DTW Ignite takes place in Copenhagen between 18-20 June 2024. The Catalyst programme is run by TM Forum to highlight the collaborative work undertaken by its members. For more information on Infovista’s Catalyst project, “Holistic intelligence & GenAI to accelerate 5G monetization”, please visit the project page here.

Join us at DTW24-Ignite, where Infovista’s subject matter experts will be available throughout the event, showcasing our latest innovations and participating in key discussions.

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