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Ascom to divest its Network Testing Division to Infovista

Monday, 22 August 2016

Ascom Holding AG and Infovista have signed a binding share and asset purchase agreement under which Infovista will acquire the Network Testing Division. The transaction is based on a cash-free / debt-free enterprise value of USD 45 million. Ascom will receive USD 30 million in cash at closing and the remainder of the consideration in the form of a subordinated vendor loan with a nominal value of USD 15 million, a 7-year maturity and a stated interest rate of 4% p.a. The closing of the transaction is expected in Q3/2016.

The Network Testing Division (TEMS) is a market and brand leader in testing, optimization, benchmarking and monitoring solutions for mobile networks. With around 400 employees, the division has long-standing relationships with over 650 customers in more than 130 countries. The headquarter is located in Reston VA, United States.

InfoVista ( is a worldwide provider of network performance software solutions and services with headquarters in the Paris area.With more than 430 employees, Infovista provides software and services to over 1,200 customers in more than 120 countries.

Ascom changed the accounting principles of the Group from IFRS to Swiss GAAP FER effective as of 1 January 2015. According to Swiss GAAP FER 30, Ascom decided to offset goodwill against equity. In case of a divestment of an entity, Swiss GAAP FER accounting standards require the recycling of associated goodwill through the income statement. Accordingly, Ascom expects to realize an extraordinary loss of around CHF 145 million from the divestment of the Network Testing Division, resulting principally from the non-cash relevant recycling of goodwill previously offset against shareholders' equity according to Swiss GAAP FER. Ascom`s equity will not be affected by the goodwill recycling and the equity ratio is expected to remain stable as a consequence of this transaction. Moreover, this goodwill recycling does not impact the operations and does not prevent the Company from paying out dividends.

“With the sale of its network testing activities to Infovista, Ascom is pleased to have found a good industrial solution and the right owner to develop and scale this business further. As already announced, Ascom will now align itself as a one-business company and accelerate the execution of the “Ascom 2020” strategy with a clear focus on healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions”, underlines Juhani Anttila, Chairman of the Board of Ascom Holding AG.

“InfoVista has clearly stated its ambition to become the de-facto leader when it comes to managing network and application performance,” said Philippe Ozanian, CEO of Infovista. “TEMS brings technological expertise and established products which are very much aligned with that strategy, particularly when it comes to mobility services, and we are very pleased to have been able to reach this agreement with Ascom.”


Ascom is an international solutions provider with comprehensive know-how in healthcare workflows and telecommunications. The company is active in Wireless Solutions (an international market leader for high-value, customer-specific on-site communication solutions and workflow optimization) and Network Testing (a global market leader in testing, monitoring, post processing, and performance optimization for mobile networks). The Ascom Group is headquartered in Switzerland, has subsidiaries in 19 countries and employs around 1,700 people worldwide. Ascom registered shares (ASCN) are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich.

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InfoVista is the leading provider of network performance orchestration solutions that enable efficient network and IT transformations in today's fast-paced digital world. The award-winning solutions empower communications service providers and large enterprises to ensure a high-quality user experience by guaranteeing business-critical application performance and achieving optimal network performance. Infovista’s expertise and innovations provide more than 1,500 global customers with a new level of actionable application and network intelligence, visibility and control across all services, all technologies, and all domains of both the fixed and mobile networks. Using our solutions, they deliver high-performing and differentiated services, plan and optimize networks to match application and service demands, and streamline network operations while keeping total cost of ownership as low as possible.

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Infovista is the partner of choice for delivering networks people love. As a global leader, we empower Communications Service Providers and Enterprises to enhance network, service, and customer experience intelligence, driving successful business outcomes spanning the whole network lifecycle. Our suite of products and solutions is built on an open, integrated, cloud-native platform that connects the power of data, analytics, AI/ML and automation boosting efficiency, optimizing cost and accelerating time-to-revenue. Our experts deliver solutions to over 1,000 customers worldwide, including 400 Mobile Network Operators - making Infovista the preferred option for planning, optimizing, testing, assuring and monetizing mobile, fixed and private networks.