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ARINC Enhances Customer Service Using Infovista Performance Management Tools

Transportation Communications Leader Monitors Network Performance to Anticipate Customer Needs, Provide Access to Data and Meet Service Levels

Transportation Communications Leader Monitors Network Performance to Anticipate Customer Needs, Provide Access to Data and Meet Service Levels

Paris, France and Herndon, VA (United States), August 29, 2006 – Infovista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, announced today that ARINC Incorporated, the world leader in transportation communications and systems engineering, has used VistaInsight for Networks to elevate its customer service, better anticipating client needs and avoiding Service Level Agreement (SLA) violations. In addition, the Infovista solution provided ARINC with accurate, aggregated data, enabling bullet-proof decision-making.

Operating in a mission-critical environment since its founding in 1929, ARINC runs one of the world’s most extensive and complex private networks. Serving airport facilities, aviation, defense, government and surface transportation, ARINC provides support for operational control and reliable and efficient radio communications. The company needed an end-to-end solution that would provide a detailed view into network performance so that it could extend the visibility of SLAs to their customers, as well as greater flexibility to build customized reports due to the mix of legacy and IP networks.

ARINC selected Infovista’s network performance management solution, VistaInsight for Networks. The custom reporting capabilities, flexibility and access to information that the solution provided through its customer portal was unparalleled and gave ARINC the tools it needed to exceed its customers’ expectations. The company is now able to provide customers with real-time data access and has made SLAs standard for everyone, with a solution that provides a detailed view into network performance. For the first time, ARINC has access to accurate data, providing the information necessary to make intelligent decisions about resource allocation and problem resolution.

“We have achieved savings by reducing recurring monthly costs in network bandwidth,” said Steve Andrews, ARINC program manager. “Thanks to Infovista, we don’t have to oversize the network bandwidth circuits because we know exactly what the performance and utilization are. Now we are rightsizing and will have a clear sense of how much can be saved and actually is saved. We have the data to make recommendations to management about IT decisions with confidence.”

ARINC leverages Infovista to collect data from disparate sources and uses it for trend analysis. The company’s future plans include using data for modeling and reporting various “what if” scenarios to show potential outcomes. The organization also uses Infovista to monitor network performance on a daily basis and notify operations, tech support and sales if there are any performance issues. Using Infovista, ARINC can now quickly assess four key areas around network performance and get the answers it needs: Are performance levels starting to degrade; if so, is it caused by the network; what are the underlying factors; and what is contributing to it? If it is a network issue, ARINC can trace what applications, hosts, or services are causing service degradation and quickly remedy the problem.

ARINC has also taken its customer service to a new level, providing access to real-time network performance data and reports via Infovista’s online customer portal. Users can simultaneously view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), real-time performance notifications and strategic business information, from which they can drill down to related real-time and historical reports. They can complete very specific tasks as well, such as issue and check invoices and trouble tickets; create online circuit orders; view latency reports and other critical functions. In addition to valuable customer reporting, Infovista provides ARINC with customized trend, global, historical and real-time reports that are tailored to a variety of internal audiences, including engineering, operations and senior management.

“ARINC runs one of the most sophisticated and mission-critical networks in the world to support its aviation and defense customers,” explains Joe Quigg, vice president, Sales Americas, Infovista. “The fact that the company chose Infovista to service these clients, and for its own private network, speaks volumes about the role performance management plays in achieving consistent and predictable levels of service. We are proud of the results ARINC has achieved and look forward to supporting them as they leverage our performance management solution to expand into new areas and grow the business.”


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