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TEMS™ for Transportation and Transit: Wireless connectivity testing, monitoring and assurance

Connectivity performance assurance and reliability for fleet operations

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Connectivity enabled applications, remote control and automation are transforming fleet operations. 
It's all part of Industry 4.0 – delivering efficiencies, reducing costs and improving profitability and safety across transportation and transit businesses.  

Connected applications are becoming mission critical.
They require better, more reliable data performance from wireless networks, coverage where it’s needed and sufficient data to enable applications to function as intended.

Transportation and transit mobile applications and telemetry rely on commercial cellular networks for coverage and connectivity. There will always be variability—gaps in coverage and dips in performance—which introduce uncertainty. This can be mitigated by on-board monitoring which provides the end-to-end visibility for problem identification and investigation and for network operator feedback.

The consequences and cost of connectivity issues increases as applications become more mission critical. To help manage the complexity and uncertainty risks of wireless, transportation and transit fleet operators need tools that can identify and diagnose connectivity-related issues. 

TEMS for Transportation and Fleets and TEMS for Transit deliver connectivity testing and monitoring solutions used and relied on by the wireless industry for 25 years. You can continuously monitor fleet on-board connectivity, reduce risk of business interruption and improve application performance.       

Avoid letting connectivity issues impact your operations, your customer satisfaction, safety or your bottom line. 

Key Benefits

Reduce risk and time to deploy connectivity enabled solutions

Reduce risk and time to deploy connectivity enabled solutions

Accurately and efficiently test and understand wireless connectivity coverage and performance in advance of application deployment. Validate “fit for purpose” connectivity in advance.

Faster problem identification/resolution

Faster problem identification/ resolution

Gain visibility with on-board connectivity monitoring. Quickly identify when and where connectivity issues arise – before they impact operations. Reduce time for diagnosis and repair and reduce operational costs.

Network provider SLA monitoring

Network provider SLA monitoring

Visibility for network provider selection. Ongoing performance monitoring against SLA – know the performance from your fleet perspective (vs network averages).

Maximize the business benefits of your Industry 4.0 connected applications

Maximize the business benefits of your Industry 4.0 connected applications

Optimize performance and minimize connectivity related down time. Improve mission critical application reliability and safety.

Use Cases

Transportation van

Application planning

Pre validate that connected applications will work where and when they are needed.

Transportation driver

On-board monitoring

For early problem identification and to aid in problem investigation. Visibility into whether problems are connectivity related.

TEMS for Transit_Route Analysis

Connectivity provider monitoring

Compare networks across the area of mobility for your business and monitor connectivity ongoing to identify performance and coverage issues.
Data for SLA validation.