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TEMS™ for Mines: Wireless connectivity testing, monitoring and assurance

Connectivity performance assurance and reliability for mining operations

Connectivity enabled applications, remote control and automation are transforming mining. It's all part of 
Industry 4.0 – delivering efficiencies, reducing costs and improving profitability and safety.  

Connected applications are becoming mission critical.
They demand better, more reliable data performance from wireless networks. This is driving a trend toward using cellular (LTE and ultimately 5G) and, in many cases, private networks that offer greater flexibility and reduced risk through greater control.

Mining faces unique connectivity challenges. 

  • Delivering wireless service underground or in large open pit environments that are constantly changing through excavation – necessitating frequent network reconfiguration and re-optimization.  
  • Delivering connectivity to large vehicles and equipment with changing orientation and during mobility – necessitating multiple and well positioned antennas
  • Assuring uninterrupted uplink connectivity for video feeds supporting remote control and automation.   

The consequences and costs of getting it wrong increase as connectivity and applications become more mission critical. To help manage the complexity of wireless, mining operators need tools that can identify and diagnose connectivity-related issues.  

TEMS for Mines delivers this with network testing and monitoring solutions that network operators have used and relied on for 25 years. You can continuously optimize your network to track changes due to excavation, reduce risk of business interruption and improve application performance.      

Avoid letting connectivity issues impact your operations, employee safety or your bottom line.  

Key Benefits

Deploy, monitor and optimize 5G or Private LTE

Deploy, monitor and optimize 5G or Private LTE

Manage and troubleshoot your private LTE or 5G network with the same solutions the wireless industry uses and trusts. Know what’s happening in the radio network and how to optimize or repair.

Reduce risk and time to deploy with connectivity enabled solutions

Reduce risk and time to deploy with connectivity enabled solutions

Accurately and efficiently test and optimize wireless connectivity in advance of application deployment. Validate “fit for purpose” connectivity in advance.

Faster problem identification/resolution

Faster problem identification/ resolution

Gain visibility and identify quickly when and where connectivity issues arise – before they impact production and business operations. Reduce time for diagnosis and repair and reduce operational costs.

Maximize the business benefits of your Industry 4.0 connected applications

Maximize the business benefits of your Industry 4.0 connected applications

Optimize performance and minimize connectivity related down time. Improve mission critical application reliability and safety.

Use Cases

TEMS for Mines_Boliden

Network optimization

Data for coverage validation and interference management – enabling early detection of issues that emerge as the mine landscape changes.

Connectivity performance optimization and post-change validation.

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On-board monitoring

Connectivity performance monitoring and continuity assurance from the mobile application perspective.

Early problem identification and data to aid in problem investigation.

TEMS for Mines_Analytics

Predictive connectivity

Performance data to aid in application design and testing – to assure performance and reliability for:

• Tele operated driving
• Remote control
• Remote video surveillance