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Post COVID 19 World for Connected Cars: an expert perspective

Date: 2020-09-04
Location: IHS Markit and AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center
Booth: 12:20 CET
Speaker: Andy Asava, EVP, Global Networks, Infovista

Understanding the 2027 Intelligent Vehicle: an automotive experts conference

Fluctuations in connectivity are the #1 challenge facing the future of the connected car. 

Car manufacturers are becoming more aware of how dependent their digitalization efforts are on the variable nature of cellular network performance. How can manufacturers deliver a reliable experience when connectivity is impacted by location, time, speed or even the weather? All of which directly impact the customer experience and cost of warranty. 

Andy Asava our EVP of Global Networks joins the conference as a special guest to give insights on how we're helping our connected car customers solve the most complex challenges with predictive connectivity.

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