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Customer experience assurance for 5G network slicing with KLERITY™

10am EST, 4pm CET

Date: 2021-12-14
Speaker: Shankar Selvavinayagam and Francesco Cuzzoni

To maximize 5G RoI, operators must embrace complexity. Static topologies are being replaced by fluid networks based on service-based-architecture (SBA): hybrid, constantly changing multi-cloud, multi-vendor, multi-access networks. Cloud-native, end-to-end assurance is no longer just a differentiator; it is a core capability driving a step-change in cost efficiency and revenue growth.

This live webinar, hosted by Mobile Europe & European Communications, will show how operators can use Infovista KLERITY™, the cloud-native, by design framework for rapid monitoring, intelligence and troubleshooting of advanced connectivity services that operate within network slices.

Join Infovista’s Shankar Selvavinayagam, Product Management Director for 5G and Francesco Cuzzoni, Solution Consultant for 5G Assurance to learn how to:

  • Configure and generate reports and real-time dashboards tailored for audiences from the SOC engineer to the CEO
  • Reduce MTTX by visualizing and analyzing problems across an entire 5G SA network and its network slices for rapid root-cause identification
  • Achieve both real-time and historical subscriber, application and service context awareness using powerful, cloud-native tools that allow for analysis from the subscriber right down to the individual packet, from the user plane to the control plane